making earrings

Making earrings

It all starts with laying out the beads in some kind of order, so I can begin pairing earrings! Let the fun begin…

handmade glass beads

Another bead collection is growing

Another collection of beads is starting to form! I never really know how many beads I am going to need to make for an exhibition, so I usually end up…

Exhibition at T’Arts Collective

I am really looking forward to exhibiting with a favourite artist friend of mine at @tartscollective in June! We have set ourselves several creative challenges, and I am making beads…


Kandinsky Concentric Circles in Squares

The collection is growing…

Julie Frahm

Introducing myself!

Hello! This is me in my fancy didymium glasses that I use when I am making glass beads! The filter lets me see the bead through the flame, it would…

Making glass beads

Making glass beads

Did you know? I have to wear special safety glasses when making glass beads. Didymium glasses have a filter that lets me see through all of the orange flame and…

Naomi Schwartz Jewellery Design Gallery

Naomi Schwartz Jewellery Design Gallery

Some new recycled glass necklaces and bracelets featuring beads made from an assortment of blue and green bottles heading to @naomischwartzjewellerydesign gallery in Henley Beach. Looks like a beautiful weekend…

Shiny and Etched Wine Bottle Earrings

Shiny and Etched Wine Bottle Earrings

If you love shiny and etched beads, and if you are like me, and you can’t decide which finish you like best, then these earrings are great because they combine…

Moet Champagne Bottle Stud Earrings

Moet Champagne Bottle Stud Earrings

Autumn/winter is the perfect time to wear stud earrings. They are a lovely little addition to layers of clothing and chunky scarves. Both of these stud earrings have been made…

handmade glass bead necklace

Necklace design

Sometimes you need to walk away from your first attempts at putting a new idea together, have a holiday on the Yorke Peninsula, and then come back with fresh inspiration…

Hendricks Gin Bottle Necklace

Hendricks Gin Bottle Necklace

Another gift combo idea. This necklace features beads made from Hendrick’s original and midsummer solstice gin bottles (dark brown and dark purple) along with Fever-Tree tonic bottles.

Hendricks Gin bottle earrings

Hendrick’s Gin Bottle Earrings

Maybe gin is more your mum’s thing? How about a pair of earrings featuring beads made from a Hendrick’s Gin bottle?