Tanqueray Gin Bottle earrings

Dangly Tanqueray Gin Earrings

Day 193. You know me, I like to take an idea and try it a few ways. This is a different version of yesterday’s earrings with the feature bead made…

Blue Recycled Glass Earrings

Blue recycled glass earrings

Day 192. With three weeks remaining until I install my SALA exhibition at @stationmaster5255gallery in Strathalbyn, it’s safe to say things are a bit hectic here, but I am enjoying…

Pink flower earrings

Pink flower earrings

Day 191. I was thinking about yesterday’s earrings, and wondering if I could use the same flower beads in bracelets and pendants too. Turns out you can, and they look…

Green Flower Earrings

Green Flower Earrings

Day 190. I have not used flower beads like this before, and today I am wondering why?! So cute.

Ideas…sometimes don’t work

Day 189. Weird, I could totally picture these in my head, but when I got home to make them they didn’t quite work in the colours I had imagined! I…

River Inspiration – Part 2

Day 188. Walking again, this time finding trees covered with vines. Made me remember beads I used to make that were one colour, and another contrasting fine glass (stringer) applied…

earring design

River Inspiration

Day 187. Having a little break from normal life with a couple of days up the river. I went for a walk this morning and loved all of the layers…

Red Glass Earrings

10,000 Red Glass Beads

Day 186. 8 years ago I was madly getting ready for my SALA exhibition titled “10,000 red glass beads” where I literally made that many red beads, and used most…

gin bottle earrings

Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire Gin earrings

Day 185. Such beautiful colours together, Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles.

Gin and tonic earrings

Easing restrictions

Day 184. Rules and restrictions. I have so many rules with my work, some that I have created and some that the galleries that I work with have created for…

wine bottle earrings

Wine bottle earrings and bracelet

Day 183. Half way through the year!? Woah. Today’s earrings and bracelet feature beads made from a wine bottle and freshwater pearls.

Red purple and pink earrings

Red, purple and pink earrings

Day 182. Colour palette that I love: red, purple and pink. Earrings that I love: mismatched. Hmm, this pair might be calling my name. And spotty, don’t forget the spots!!…