Recycled glass beads | glass flower beads

Day 19 – Behind the scenes

A few behind the scenes photos! Flower beads are some of my favourite beads to make. Photos courtesy of @RosinaPossingham

Day 18 – Red Glass Plate

I have had this red glass plate for so many years I forget the origin now. I have always been reluctant to break it because usually when I melt red…

Recycled glass bracelet | beads made from assorted glass objects

Day 17 – Mixed purple and green bracelet

I think I am just going to blame the heat for not posting this yesterday! Add school holidays and a big post-Xmas order to the mix and it has been…

Recycled glass necklace | glass beads made from gin, wine, beer and champagne bottles.

Day 16 – Green and Brown Recycled Glass Necklace

It was a delight to make this necklace today! I had so much fun searching through my brown and green recycled glass beads. There are all sorts of beads in…

Recycled glass earrings | beads made from gin and wine bottles

Day 15 – Green earrings

Earrings made from Tanqueray Gin and a Bethany Wines bottle. Subtle variations in green.

Recycled glass earrings | silver and gold beads made from a wine bottle

Day 14 – Gold and Silver

Inspired by Monday. Today’s earrings are inspired by my absolute love of mixing gold and silver jewellery together. I wear all sorts of gold and silver rings, and gold and…

Day 13 – Bracelet and earrings set

Sometimes a pair of earrings matched with a bracelet is all you need to wear. These earrings were made from a Bethany Wines bottle. The bracelet features some additional gin…

Recycled glass beads | behind the scenes

Day 12 – Behind the scenes

Making beads from recycled glass can be tricky. I need to warm the glass up first to limit the shattering of the glass when it hits the flame. I use…

Recycled glass earrings | green beads made from a green carafe

Day 11 – Green carafe earrings

A friend of mine found this green carafe and thought I might like to make something with it. I certainly did like melting this glass. It melted really nicely, no…

Recycled glass bracelet | beads made from gin and tonic bottles

Day 10 – Gin and Tonic Bracelet

I love how all of the beads work together to create a very elegant and very wearable bracelet. I made the beads from Hendricks Gin and Fever-Tree tonic water bottles.…

Recycled glass necklace | beads made from a Hendricks Gin and Fever-Tree tonic water bottle

Day 9 – Gin and Tonic Necklace

Is it too early to say that this might just be my favourite necklace for 2019? The beads are made from Hendricks Gin and Fever-Tree Tonic water bottles. The colours…

Recycled glass earrings | this mix-match pair of earrings features beads made from a Hendricks Gin and Fever-Tree tonic water bottle

Day 8 – Gin and Tonic earrings

Tuesdays are for featuring earrings like this pair of “gin and tonic” earrings. Beads made from Hendricks Gin and Fever-Tree tonic water bottles. This mix-match look is not for everyone,…