Dotty Earrings – Take 3

Day 302. Today’s earrings feature dots stacked on top of each other, and not melted in, giving a spiky effect. Love the retro inspired colours!

Dotty Earrings – Take 2

Day 301. Today I have layered the dots again, but this time I have melted in the bottom layer, and kept the top layer raised or bumpy!

Dotty Earrings

Day 300. I was thinking about some of my favourite lampworking skills, and dots are definitely at the top of the list! There are just so many things you can…

Recycled sterling silver and glass earrings

Day 299. Recycled sterling silver and recycled glass. Melting the silver is almost as mesmerising as melting glass, just a lot quicker!! And at the moment, still unpredictable! But I…

Green glass earrings

Day 298. A lovely friend gave me this jug quite a while ago, and it took some time to find the courage to smash this lovely piece! The test beads…

Citadelle Gin and Tonic Earrings

Day 297. Gin and tonic earrings, this time featuring the small blue beads made from a Citadelle Gin bottle.

Blue and Green Cluster Earrings

Day 296. THAT blue is turning up in all sorts of earrings at the moment! It is such a stunning colour, and goes so beautifully with the green beads in…

Blue ocean inspired earrings

Day 295. That deep blue just looks awesome with all sorts of colours. Last few earrings being made for @stationmaster5255 gallery and heading there this morning for my shift in…

Ocean inspired earrings

Day 294. Getting ready to take some new pieces to @stationmaster5255 gallery in Strathalbyn tomorrow! I will be in the gallery from 10-1. Love how these earrings turned out, gorgeous…

Trying new things

Day 293. There are all sorts of “skills” needed to make beads like this and clearly I need to work on them 🙂.

Cat earrings

Day 292. A bit of fun for Sunday! I remember when I first started making beads, and all I had were other people’s ideas as a starting point. So I…

Green Enamel Earrings

Day 291. The enamel doesn’t quite look perfect, but at least it matches the beads nicely.