T’Arts Collective

In my happy place at @tartscollective today. All re-stocked with a mix of my jewellery made from handmade Italian and recycled glass beads.

Red Glass Bead Earrings

Simple, cute earrings heading to @tartscollective on Saturday when I am spending the day in the gallery! Love my days in Adelaide as the shop keeper.

Red glass bead bracelet

I love that red and purple are colours that work well with so many other colours, making this a bracelet that can be worn over and over again.

Glass Bead Necklace

I haven’t made any jewellery with the red collection of beads yet, I think I will wait until the total gets closer to 1000. Luckily I have lots of other…

More red beads

Added another 70 beads to the collection this morning! I now have 250. That is a quarter of my way to my goal of making 1000 glass beads for this…

Adding to the collection

Adding 70 beads to the collection of red beads. Total is now 180 beads made for my @salafestivalexhibition. I like this mix of sparkly silver and gold beads.

Gin and Tonic Jewellery

I found this lovely little bottle of gin recently and thought I would try to make a pair of earrings to match. The beads in this pair of earrings were…

Red Glass Beads

Red glass has a long history of being a difficult colour to make, with many experiments to get the different shades, and even the addition of gold to make the…

World Gin Day 2022

Happy World Gin Day gin lovers! I love making beads from discarded gin and tonic bottles. Makes a special repurposed gift, perfect for anyone who loves a gin and tonic,…

red glass beads

Red glass beads

The first red beads are out of the kiln and ready to go! I love that red is one of those colours that works with so many other colours. It…

SALA 2022

10 years ago I was busy working towards my 2012 SALA exhibition “10,000 Red Glass Beads.” I was also busy with a 3 year old daughter and being pregnant. I…

gin and tonic earrings

Gin and Tonic Earrings

Gin and tonic earrings. The dark green beads are made from a Tanqueray gin bottle, the lighter beads are from a Fever Tree tonic water bottle. Simple and pretty.