Recycled glass bracelet | beads made from Pink and Green Depression glass

Day 80 – Pink and Green Depression Glass bracelet

A bracelet featuring beads made from Green and Pink Depression glass with wine bottle beads in between.

Recycled glass necklace | featuring beads made from a Hendricks Gin bottle

Day 79 – Hendricks Gin Bottle Necklace

A necklace featuring beads made from a Hendricks Gin bottle. I do love silver and gold together.

Recycled glass bead flower earrings | beads made from a Banrock Station wine bottle

Day 78 – Banrock Station wine bottle flower earrings

Earrings made from a @banrockstationwines wine bottle. Hand formed longer style hoops for something a little different. The beads sparkle in the light.

Recycled glass earrings | beads made from a Pink Depression Glass bowl

Day 77 – Pink Depression Glass Earrings

Inspired by Monday. Ok, it’s not actually Monday here, I am a day behind on my project, but I did make some pretty Pink Depression Glass beads last week and…

Recycled glass bead bracelet | beads made from assorted recycled glass objects

Day 76 – Sunday Sets – Recycled glass jewellery

Just a lovely mix of recycled glass beads from all sorts of glass objects including gin bottles, harlequin glasses, a vase and a wine bottle.

Recycled glass beads | the process of making recycled glass beads

Day 75 – Behind the scenes Saturday

I said to someone the other day that making glass beads from recycled glass sources was “quite a process” and when I went on to explain it all to them,…

Recycled glass earrings | glass beads made from a grey glass

Day 74 – Grey Glass Earrings

I honestly would have said the glass was purple but it turned out the most pretty shade of grey! I have etched the beads to give them a softer look.

Recycled glass bead bracelet | beads made from a wine bottle

Day 73 – Purple recycled glass bead bracelet made from a wine bottle

It was nice to find these recycled glass beads in my collection this morning. Making this bracelet was a lot of fun. Beads are from a Banrock Station wine bottle…

Recycled glass necklace | beads made from various glass sources, pretty mix of purple and green beads

Day 72 – Green and purple recycled glass bead necklace

Loving this mix of recycled glass beads. From wine bottles, to old glasses, to Green Depression Glass! The little splash of purple keeps this fresh, and the coloured wire adds…

Recycled glass earrings | green flower earrings made from a Tanqueray Gin bottle

Day 71 – Green Tanqueray Gin flower earrings

Flower beads made from a Tanqueray Gin bottle! Oh gosh, what a colour! I said to my mum over the weekend….if I am going to spend the weekend at Womadelaide,…

Green recycled glass necklace | glass beads made from assorted glass objects

Day 70 – Green recycled glass pendant necklace

Inspired by Monday. Today I get to hang out at Womadelaide again. It has been an awesome weekend and I have loved so many things about this world music and…

Recycled glass jewellery | glass beads made from wine bottles and other glass objects

Day 69 – Sunday sets

Loving this simple and pretty recycled glass bead pendant necklace and earrings. Made from various glass objects like old glass cups and wine bottles.