Pink Depression Glass Earrings

Pink Depression Glass Earrings

Day 173. Officially one of my favourite days of the year, the winter solstice, knowing that we now start to head towards summer makes me very happy. The beads in…

champagne and wine bottle recycled glass earrings

Champagne and wine bottle recycled glass earrings

Day 172. You know I could go either way on these earrings…up or down! And I really like them as a pair. But if you had to choose just one…

Bird earrings

Bird earrings

Day 171. Ok, I might be getting a new batch of bird and flower beads ready to release into the world! Stay tuned, I will be sending out a newsletter…

Gin bottle earrings

Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray Gin earrings

Day 170. Trying yesterday’s idea with some recycled glass beads made from Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray Gin bottles.

Pink and Orange heart earrings

It’s all about trying new things

Day 169. Some days it’s not about the colours, or the actual beads, but just about wondering how something would look a particular way. That’s how it is today. It’s…

Wave beads

Day 168. I thought I would try these beads with pearls, and I think it works really nicely, especially in the bracelet.  

Pink and purple mismatched earrings

Pink and purple mismatched earrings

Day 167. Lucky me, I found these beads in my stash today and love how they turned out. I like how the touch of brown makes these mismatched earrings really…

Gin and tonic recycled glass earrings

World Gin Day 2020 – the day after

Day 166. Yes I did try a couple of new gins last night! One was from Renmark (23rd Street distillery) and the other was from Margaret River (Giniversity). It never…

World Gin Day 2020

World Gin Day 2020

Day 165. Happy World Gin Day! Yes, it’s definitely a thing. There are so many delicious gins out there now, and so many of them come in beautiful bottles. Today’s…

Green wave bead earrings

Ocean wave beads

Day 164. More ocean wave beads, this time in a different colour and a different earring hook.

ocean wave beads

More beach inspiration…

Day 163. Inspired by my day at the beach on the weekend. I remembered a time when I made wave beads, so I had a little play with them again…

Dainty recycled glass earrings

Dainty Recycled Glass Earrings

Day 162. Recently I have had several enquires about smaller, daintier earrings. It made me wonder if this was something other people would also like? I have a bunch of…