Welcome to Julie Frahm Glass Jewellery.

Timeless, modern jewellery created from glass.

I love to make beads from old discarded glass objects such as beer and wine bottles, or green depression glass.

Latest blog posts:

recycled glass bracelet

Green Recycled Glass Bracelet

All the pretty greens in this bracelet. ¬†Ranging from Peroni Beer bottles to French champagne bottles, and some Green Depression glass thrown in for contrast! I have been wearing this…

upcycled earrings

Wine bottle earrings

Wine bottles come in all sorts of colours, but the pale blue bottle is still one of my favourites! I have used a wine bottle to make all of the…

colour wheel jewellery

Colour Wheel Jewellery #1

In between all of the recycled glass jewellery, I have also found some time to put together a new collection of colour wheel jewellery to start the year! I am…