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Lana Del Rey


I don’t know how or why I stumbled across Lana Del Rey’s music.  Perhaps I was listening to Triple J, maybe it was Rage, wherever it was, it really “sang” to a part of me, and I think I have now listened to the “Born to Die” album about 25 times, maybe more.  It’s part of my morning walk, and it’s been there when I’ve needed time out from everything.

Not only is the music beautiful, the lyrics are thought provoking.  No “doo-wops” on this album, every word has a certain power.

The more I listened to the music and lyrics, the more I wondered about this young artist.  Lana Del Rey (not her real name) is not only a beautiful singer, but she is a beautiful person.  She is stylish, elegant and classic, mixed in with a bit of modern sultry!

Perfect inspiration for my Lana Collection….launching VERY soon xx