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On my walk this morning…

Sorry for the delay in posting this!  We’ve been having a little break with my mum and dad.

Back to normal now though.

The break was great, I read a book, did lots of crocheting, and the kids had a great time with their Nanna and Pa!

I’m looking forward to the rest of the holidays, and to getting ready for the Port Festival!

Hope to see you somewhere soon.

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Glass Stud Earrings

I am putting together a big range of small glass stud earrings for T’Arts.  They have been selling like crazy this month.  Must be a spring thing!

Actually, when I was working in T’Arts a couple of weeks ago, one customer came up to the counter with 4 pairs of them.  She didn’t know that I had made them, she just said she’d bought one of the red pairs a while ago, and had loved them so much she thought she’d get a few more different colours to wear.  It was so lovely to hear how happy she was with her earrings.

Glass stud earrings by Julie Frahm.

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Colour of the Month – Black and White

OK, so you know I couldn’t do black and white without adding in a splash of red!

The beads in the necklace and bracelet are very similar to the beads I made last week, but instead of a clear etched background, I have used a red background.

The necklace works with all sorts of clothes choices.  From a red top, to a neutral dress, to a simple white t-shirt, the necklace pops on all of them.  It is eye-catching, and it feels really lovely to wear.

If you would like to purchase any of these pieces, simply visit the shop here.

Stunning red black and white bracelet, beads by Julie Frahm

Stunning necklace, perfect with a white t-shirt.  Red black and white beads by Julie Frahm

Brighten up a neutral dress with this stunning red white and black necklace by Julie Frahm

Red wins!  Stunning necklace worn with a red top, perfect for spring!

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On my walk this morning…

It’s so nice that the beautiful sunny weather has been hitting us on the weekends!  Today it’s a bit colder, but I’m OK with that because the weekend was so amazing!

I’m glad we are all back to 100% health around here too.  It means I can start making progress on my to-do list!

This week I’ll have another black and white necklace to share with you from my Colour of the Month series.  I’m still debating which colour to feature next month….suggestions welcome!

Morning Walk

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Lucky subscriber – earring pick

Oh, I do love seeing what the lucky newsletter subscriber picks!

Yes, every month a lucky subscriber to my newsletter gets to pick a pair of earrings from my Etsy shop or my website shop.

This month, Sandra, the lucky winner, chose these long red heart earrings.  I love them!

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my newsletter.  For your chance to win a pair of earrings, simply subscribe by clicking here.

Long Red Glass Heart earrings by Julie Frahm

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Colour of the Month – Black and White

Black glass can be very interesting.  That is because it is actually very, very dark purple.  So, when I mix the black and the white, sometimes I get a really dark purple colour happening too.

I really like how these beads feel when you are wearing them.  They’ve been etched, so they have a very silky finish.  The necklace and bracelet will actually work with all sorts of clothes too, as you’ll see below!

Black and white is just a great combination, no matter what the season, and no matter what you are wearing.

Beautiful black and white etched glass bead bracelet to match the necklace

Love this black and white necklace by Julie Frahm

Beautiful etched glass black and white necklace by Julie FrahmBlack and White etched glass necklace by Julie Frahm, looks great on RED!

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Mansfield Art Glass Exhibition – Finalist

Today I received some exciting news in my inbox…the 2 pieces that I submitted for the Mansfield Art Glass Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition were accepted as finalists!

Here is a little bit about each of the pieces that I created, and some images:

1. Artist Statement – Harlequin Flowers

I found a set of Harlequin glasses at an op shop, they were edged with gold, and were really pretty. When I put the glass in the flame, strange things happened. Some of the colour burnt out completely, while some turned a spectacular pink. Absolutely not what I was hoping to happen, yet the surprise of it was worth it.

Harlequin Glass Flower Necklace, handmade recycled glass beads from a set of Harlequin Glasses

Harlequin Glass Flower necklace - detailed shot


2. Artist Statement – Gold Beer

I specialise in creating beads from recycled glass. I think it’s important to at least think about our environment and recycling, so I love to make beads and jewellery that do make people stop and think. This necklace was made from a Coopers Sparkling Ale bottle. I have embellished some of the beads with 14K Gold Leaf.

Handmade recycled glass beads, made from a Coopers Ale bottle, and decorated with 14K gold leaf

Handmade Recycled glass bead necklace, beads made from a Coopers Ale bottle, and decorated with 14K gold leaf

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On my walk this morning….

Such lovely weather here at the moment, we have been making the most of it!

I sent my newsletter out last week with details of new jewellery in my shop!  It’s a range of black and white jewellery, and you can find it by clicking here.

If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet, you can do that here.  You could win a pair of earrings!  I’ll let you know what this month’s winner chose later in the week.

I’m getting excited about the Port Festival Markets on Saturday and Sunday October 10 and 11.  I lived in Queenstown for many years, so Port Adelaide holds a special place in my life.  Looking forward to being part of all of the exciting activities there.

Enjoy your week.

Morning Walk