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Walk on the Wild Side exhibition

I’ve made three fairly wild necklaces for this exhibition!  I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has made.

Prospect Gallery invites you to Walk on the Wild Side

T’Arts Textiles and Arts Collective

An eclectic mix of work by 22 artists

Opening 3pm Sunday 7 February

Opening Speaker Joy Harvey, Textile Artist (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts) Exhibition dates 7 February – 13 March

Walk on the Wild Side - Invitation - Email

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Walk on the Wild Side

I have been getting some new work ready for a Fringe exhibition at Prospect Gallery.  It’s a group exhibition, and most of the artists at T’Arts are involved.  The theme is “Walk on the Wild Side”, and I have made some beads and jewellery that are quite different from what I would normally make.  It’s been fun to think and make outside of my comfort zone!

Handmade glass bead necklace by Julie Frahm

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On my walk this morning…

We’ve had some really hot weather this summer, but in between we’ve also had some perfect sunny days.  It has been hard to work when everyone else in the house is on holidays!  I have really had to push myself to get on the torch.

I am making some new work for a Fringe exhibition at Prospect Gallery.  I have almost finished the first necklace.  I showed the beads I made to some friends on the weekend, and they were very enthusiastic.  I am hoping the finished piece works out.  It will be quite different from what I have made in the past, and should suit the theme of the exhibition “Walk on the Wild Side.”


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Here are the photographs that were most liked on Instagram last year!

They actually represent some really great aspects of 2015: a trip to Melbourne with my mum, lots of lovely walks, moving to a new home, new jewellery and several galleries selling my work really beautifully!  Yes, it was a great year.

Julie Frahm 2015