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Flame On 2017

It’s always an honour to be part of the annual Flame On exhibition at Kirra Galleries in Melbourne.  I am excited that this year I’ll get to see all of the work, as it is starting soon, and we are heading to Melbourne in the school holidays.

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Black and white beads

I have been making so many beads lately, I have lots of projects happening!  I really need to find time to make some jewellery soon.  These beads will be used for the Colour Play jewellery that I am making TODAY!  I should have the work photographed and listed soon.  Stay tuned!

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View from my studio

The view from my studio today is all about the recycled glass beads that I have made for the Flame On exhibition opening at Kirra Galleries in Melbourne on July 13!  I have some solid ideas for the jewellery, and now I just have to make it happen!  I like to take my time with this part of the process, because it’s really important that when someone is wearing the jewellery that it sits nicely and feels comfortable.

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Colour Play Recap

I’m still working on the next colour play range of work, so instead of sharing that, I’ll just have to recap what I made this month!  I’m so grateful that most of this jewellery has found a new home!  Thanks for supporting my creative business.  I love making new things to share with you.  (Hint: click on the photo to take you to the shop)!

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Colour Play – Warm – Yellow

And finally, it’s time to show you what I made in Yellow!  I always find yellow a tricky colour to work with, because it’s not a particularly favourite colour of mine!  But, I enjoyed making these yellow beads!  I like how they turned out.

You can see the Brown jewellery here.

And you can have a look at the Orange jewellery here.

You can find the Red jewellery here.

And you can find the jewellery in the shop here.