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Colour wheel bracelets

Oh, my, I do love being asked to make these colour wheel bracelets. Every time I get a request for them, I think “oh, I should make one for me” and then never do! But this time the request came in from the Riddoch Art Gallery in Mount Gambier, and I was determined to make myself a bracelet. In the end I made one with the leftover etched and shiny beads! So pretty….

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A splash of yellow #3

I’ve really enjoyed playing around with the colour yellow, and adding other colours to it. I’ve also enjoyed the different types of yellow glass.

This week I am sharing the yellow, blue and green combination.

The yellow in this set is super bright in a cheerful, happy way. I especially like the earrings, they are shorter than the other earrings I have made, but still sit nicely, and have a bit of movement too.

The blues and greens in the necklace give a real summer feel to the necklace. Really something special to brighten up any outfit.

If you like any of the pieces below, the link to my shop is here.


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Bethany Wines

I’m thrilled to announce that I have a selection of recycled glass bead jewellery available for sale at Bethany Wines. I have used their wine bottles to create a unique collection of jewellery especially for them.

Bethany Wines are located just out of Tanunda, in the Barossa Valley. Now is a perfect time to visit the Barossa, it’s so pretty! Plus, so many great places to stop for a coffee or a glass of wine while you are there.

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Murray Bridge Show

I have to confess that entering my jewellery in the local show is one of the most fun parts of the year!  These country shows are so full of traditions, and so well organised, that its always awesome to be a tiny part of it all. The people who organise the  competition side of the shows, put in huge amounts of effort to make sure things run smoothly, and that everything is judged and displayed properly. It really is quite an honour to be part of it all, and one of the things I love about living in a regional location.

This year I entered 3 necklaces, and I am stoked to say that two of them received prizes. The rainbow/colour wheel necklace won First Prize and Outstanding Exhibit! And the recycled glass necklace won Second Prize.

I can’t wait to enter next year. The Murray Bridge Show is celebrating 100 years next year, so whatever I enter will have to be a little bit special.

If you are curious….here is the post from last year!

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A splash of yellow #2

Another yellow colour combination that I like is yellow with purple.  This time I added some pink and various purples to the mix. The result is a very sweet necklace, which I think will look beautiful this spring, as pink seems to be a very dominant colour in terms of fashion. I like the versatility of this necklace, it will work with lots of different clothes.

The yellow earrings are shorter than last week’s pair, and the shade of yellow is really great. Not too bright or dark.

I hope you enjoy the jewellery this week. Next week….another yellow colour combination that I have loved working with!



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Bead sorting…

It’s been a busy time in the studio. I have some galleries to refresh/restock, and some other projects to work on. It’s important to keep everything sorted and organised. I love using these wine glasses to sort the recycled glass beads into their assorted colours.  I have about a dozen of these glasses, leftover from a party I had many years ago, and they now come in handy in my studio!

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Weekends away

On the weekend I went on a little road trip to the South East!

I went to Penola to do a creative writing workshop. I have a secret obsession with reading and writing and many, many years ago I progressed my story writing to a finished draft of something that could be called a novel. Unfortunately it was pretty crummy, and I didn’t have the energy to take it any further, but the desire to write has never left me. I write bits and pieces, here and there, and collect ideas, and who knows where that will eventually lead.  All I can say is that it was wonderful to spend a whole day writing!

After the workshop finished I drove to Mount Gambier, and checked in to my accommodation at the Old Gaol there. Oh my, it is a truly amazing place to stay! So much history, and so many stories. It felt really peaceful while I was there, but I know that has not always been the case. A credit to the family who have created such a great space.

We used to live in Mount Gambier, so it was nice to retrace some old steps, and see what has changed, and what has not! First on my list was a lap of the Blue Lake. I had forgotten how peaceful that walk is. So many beautiful wild flowers, and little blue wrens flying around. It was just what I needed after a day of sitting!

On the Sunday I got to visit the Riddoch Art Gallery and meet the beautiful ladies who are looking after my work! The gallery has 3 really amazing exhibitions on at the moment, so if you are in the area, definitely drop in.

I headed home via Penola again, where I got a chance to immerse myself in the local galleries and shops before the long drive home.

The weather was amazing the whole weekend! I felt inspired, energised, refreshed, relaxed, and all of those good feelings!

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Yellow earrings

I am loving wearing the longer version of these earrings, but I have also made a shorter version, and could probably make them shorter again. They are super easy to wear, and very comfortable. The pop of yellow is all you need some days.

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A splash of yellow #1

We have made it through winter in Australia, and to celebrate the start of spring I have created 4 new necklaces, and 4 pairs of earrings with a splash of yellow!

The images below are of the first set. I have always loved the classic combination of yellow and grey, and in this necklace I added some black and white to the mix. I think the colours work nicely together, and could be worn with a variety of clothing options.

The earrings are probably my favourite style of earring at the moment! They sit comfortably, and look quite lovely on. I’ve made myself a green pair, and I’ve been wearing them to bed, that’s how comfortable they are.

Next week I will have a new colour combination and earrings to share with you.  If you would like to see any of the pieces, simply click here to go to my shop.