Dotty – Necklace #2


This month Colour Play is all about dots!

I have always loved making beads with dots, and I also love wearing clothes with dots or stripes on them, so this month I thought I would make some jewellery with dots! I created 6 different necklaces, and 6 different earrings to match with them.

This necklace is quite spectacular!  The black and clear beads are already quite stunning, but the addition of the red bead in between makes the whole necklace look awesome on. Lots of options in terms of wearing them with jeans or a dress.

This style necklace would normally sell for $95 in the shops. This month it’s available for $60, and includes free shipping.

There is only one necklace available like this. It is 46cm long, but if you need it longer or shorter, just let me know.

Please feel free to enquire about other options if this items is out of stock or you would like it modified to suit you. Simply email

Out of stock