Pretty in Pink – Flower Necklace


This month Colour Play is all about pink!

As you already probably know, I’m a red person! When I started seeing pink clothes coming through in the shops I couldn’t stop thinking about this colour, and I decided that because pink is a shade of red, maybe I could be tempted to buy a pink top, and add some pink jewellery too!  Hence, the Pretty in Pink collection of jewellery.

This necklace is definitely pretty in pink.  The pink beads are so sparkly, and the flower beads all have that shade of pink on the outside layer. The insides are an assortment of colours, and the overall look is a bit like a flower garden!

This style necklace would normally sell for $125 in the shops. I can’t reduce the price too much, because I do post this one in a box, and I don’t charge for shipping.

There is only one necklace available like this. It is 49.5cm long, and can be lengthened to 54.5cm.

Please feel free to enquire about other options if this items is out of stock or you would like it modified to suit you. Simply email

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