Welcome to Julie Frahm Glass Jewellery.

Timeless, modern jewellery created from glass.

I love to make beads from old discarded glass objects such as gin and wine bottles, perfect for people who like to wear something a little bit different, while helping to save the environment at the same time!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to order a special piece of jewellery from a sentimental glass object.

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Etched glass

I am really enjoying the look and feel of the etched glass at the moment, I seem to be etching every bead I make!  It feels really lovely when you…


I have been a bit side-tracked with my new work!  I am getting ready for my SALA exhibition at Canopy Interiors in Mount Gambier.  The exhibition opening is not until…

Full Width Image Post

Cotton candy jelly jujubes chocolate ice cream. Cheesecake cupcake sweet roll chocolate apple pie. Donut jelly-o chocolate candy gingerbread icing cheesecake bear claw gingerbread. Gummi bears gingerbread muffin apple pie…

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