Welcome to Julie Frahm Glass Jewellery.

Timeless, modern jewellery created from glass.

I love to make beads from old discarded glass objects such as gin and wine bottles, perfect for people who like to wear something a little bit different, while helping to save the environment at the same time!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to order a special piece of jewellery from a sentimental glass object.

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Recycled glass bead jewellery | beads made from wine and gin bottles

Day 83 – Sunday sets

From what I can tell there are two types of people: ones that love matchy-matchy sets and others that don’t mind if things aren’t exactly matchy-matchy. What type of person…

Recycled glass beads | behind the scenes of my recycled glass bead collection!

Day 82 – Behind the Scenes

Over the years the beads accumulate! Every time I make a pair of earrings, I make 3 or 4 beads just so I can get them right. Sometimes I pull…

Recycled glass beads | glass beads made from green glass

Day 81 – New glass

Always interesting to see how new glass melts in the flame. I like to make small test beads to start with. I don’t know yet why these two beads turned…

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