Welcome to Julie Frahm Glass Jewellery.

Timeless, modern jewellery created from glass.

I love to make beads from old discarded glass objects such as beer and wine bottles, or green depression glass.

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recycled glass bracelet

Tanqueray Gin and Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle bracelet

I’m starting to make some beads and jewellery from all sorts of gin bottles. Usually I would just stick to the same glass, and make the jewellery from that (which…

recycled glass bracelet

Be-Gin Again

I’m starting to play with some new ideas for an exhibition! My exhibition is part of the Penola Arts Festival and officially opens Friday 18 May. It will be at…

recycled glass necklace

Old beads + Old ideas = New jewellery!

It has been a fairly busy week here.  I’ve had a big order to fill, and lots of little bits and pieces taking up the other corners of my mind!…