Welcome to Julie Frahm Glass Jewellery.

Timeless, modern jewellery created from glass.

I love to make beads from old discarded glass objects such as gin and wine bottles, perfect for people who like to wear something a little bit different, while helping to save the environment at the same time!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to order a special piece of jewellery from a sentimental glass object.

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Layered recycled glass and enamel tube necklace

Layered recycled glass and enamel tube necklace

It’s now one week until “Deep End” opens at the @murraybridgeregionalgallery ! This necklace is currently one of my favourites. I love how all the layers are different and work so beautifully…

Recycled glass beads made from various blue glass objects

Deep End beads

So much work goes into putting an exhibition together. For me, making the beads is just one part of that process. Before the beads were made, I had to work…

Dark blue purple glass earrings made from a wine bottle

Dark blue and purple wine bottle earrings

Oh now these earrings are really fun to wear! Made from a wine bottle. I love how they dangle, and the colour is awesome.

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