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Silver Gold handmade glass bead jewellery by Julie Frahm

Colour Play

This week’s colour play is all about gold and silver metal.  For the gold beads I have used gold leaf on a beer bottle to make the beads!  And the silver beads have fine silver wire and silver foil on a wine bottle!  Quite the contrast from last week’s silver and gold jewellery!

Etched Shiny Transparent beads

Transparent glass

I’ve been playing around with transparent glass, making drip beads, and then making the necklaces with either shiny, etched or a combination of the beads. I think I like the combination of etched and shiny the most…might have to make some more!

Studio View

View from my studio

It was tricky finding time in my studio last week, because we had some family days to celebrate Finn’s 4th birthday!  Oh my, it’s hard to believe this boy is now 4 years old. I’m finding moments here and there to get work done, trying to get enough together for Gathered – a new market…