Musings from the Past

“Musing from the Past” Competition

I was recently contacted by a lovely customer of mine who had lost one earring from a pair of earrings she had bought several years ago. She wondered if I was still making the Kandinsky style beads, and if I could match it.

She shared the above photograph of the necklace and lost earring and I was so inspired to see it that I ended up making a dozen pairs of earrings!

It made me think about all the different pieces of jewellery I have made in the last 17+ years that I have been at T’Arts. I wondered if there were other pieces that I had completely forgotten about.

It made me wonder how I could find more old pieces to inspire me!

I have decided to hold a competition. I’m calling the competition “Musing from the Past” as I am hopeful that I will be inspired by looking at some of my older work.

If you have a piece of my old work that you love wearing I would love it if you shared your photograph with me and told me a little bit about why you love it. (Note: I do want to share your photos and words on my social media, so by entering the competition it means you are happy for me to do that)!

First prize will be a necklace with a minimum value of $110

Second prize will be a bracelet valued at $75

Third prize will be a pair of earrings valued at $50

Entries are open now, and will close April 16. I can’t wait to see what you share with me. I’m kind of hoping to see some things I had totally forgotten about!

Please send your photos to

I will look over all of the entries and decide the winner by April 19.