daily creative challenge

Daily Creative Challenge

Day 251. There comes a point in the day when you actually just have to either make a pair of earrings or miss a day! And after making 250 pairs…

Earrings for gin lovers

Gin Lovers Earrings

Day 250. All the beautiful gin bottle colours in one pair of earrings. Featuring beads made from Tanqueray, Hendricks, Bombay Sapphire and Hendricks Limited Release. I wonder if there will…

Classic Red Earrings

Classic Red Earrings

Day 249. Cute. Classic.

Champagne glass earrings

Champagne and Pearls

Day 248. Champagne and pearls. Yes I think tonight I will be having a glass of bubbles with my pizza! Friday night traditions run deep in this house 😛 What…

pink and green earrings

Mismatched earrings for spring

Day 247. Mismatched flower earrings in the prettiest spring colours. It’s definitely a windy spring day here today!

Rainbow Earrings

Rainbow Earrings

Day 246. Can’t stop making cluster earrings. This rainbow pair is just a little bit different from what I have been doing.

spring earrings 2020

Hello spring

Day 245. Hello spring and all of the lovely flowers and colours of the season. I can’t say I am up to date with fashion these days, but these colours…

Green and blue cluster earrings

Cluster Earrings Love

Day 244. Thanks for all the cluster earring love. Quite a few of the pairs sold yesterday, and a few are still available on my website. I made this pair…

colourful cluster earrings

Colourful Cluster Earrings

Day 243. All the colourful cluster earrings now available online. Special prices for the next week. Lots of fun, and very light to wear. What colours would you choose?

Blue and Green earrings

Blue and Green Earrings

Day 242. It’s going to be interesting to see what actually makes it online tomorrow! My idea has shifted a little bit as I play with the beads and put…

handmade glass bead jewellery

Ready for spring

Day 241. Grateful for slightly longer and slightly warmer days to get things done. I have to say, I am looking forward to saying farewell to winter this year. I…

lampwork glass earrings

Red, black, white earrings

Day 240. I am making some new earrings and bracelets for my monthly newsletter, which will go out this weekend. If you are a subscriber…you get first pick of the…