Recycled glass earrings made from wine bottles

New earrings for Deep End exhibition

Some pretty recycled glass earrings made from wine bottles to match the necklace from the previous post.

Recycled glass bead necklace, beads made from a wine bottle

Deep End – wine bottle necklace with wave beads!

Some new recycled glass beads for “Deep End” opening Sunday from 2-4pm at @murraybridgeregionalgallery ! Can you see the wave beads in this necklace? Made from wine bottles, the colour comes from…

Layered recycled glass and enamel tube necklace

Layered recycled glass and enamel tube necklace

It’s now one week until “Deep End” opens at the @murraybridgeregionalgallery ! This necklace is currently one of my favourites. I love how all the layers are different and work so beautifully…

Recycled glass beads made from various blue glass objects

Deep End beads

So much work goes into putting an exhibition together. For me, making the beads is just one part of that process. Before the beads were made, I had to work…

Dark blue purple glass earrings made from a wine bottle

Dark blue and purple wine bottle earrings

Oh now these earrings are really fun to wear! Made from a wine bottle. I love how they dangle, and the colour is awesome.

Long dark blue glass earrings made from a wine bottle

“Deep End” exhibition opening at Murray Bridge Regional Gallery

I love using wine bottles to make glass beads. The clear glass is just asking to be decorated, and I was delighted to stumble across these colours yesterday. Funny what…

Enamel copper tube long earring with recycled glass beads

Getting work ready for my “Deep End” exhibition

Getting some new collections of jewellery ready for my “Deep End” exhibition opening soon at the @murraybridgeregionalgallery ! I am so excited about this @salafestivalexhibition and can’t wait to share pieces with you…

recycled glass flower earrings made from champagne and gin bottles

Double recycled glass flower earrings

Sometimes a new design starts with “what if” and ends up looking a bit like this! Double flower drops. Long and dangly and gorgeous colours, these earrings are currently ticking…

Long copper enamel and recycled glass earrings

Lovely recycled glass earrings made from a wine bottle

The mix of colours in this pair of recycled glass earrings makes them a perfect addition to many different days! The glass bead was made from an @bethanywines_barossawine bottle and the…

Naomi Schwartz Jewellery Gallery Henley Beach

Naomi Schwartz Jewellery Design Gallery

Thanks to everyone who visited @naomischwartzjewellerydesign while I was Artist of the Month. Naomi has kept a few pieces in her stunning contemporary jewellery gallery in Henley Beach. Inspired by gin bottles,…

Bombay Sapphire Gin earrings, beads made from a gin bottle

Bombay Sapphire Gin Earrings

Bombay Sapphire Gin earrings! A favourite gin, and a favourite earring choice for many people. The nice thing about this colour is that it works for a lot of people,…

Handmade recycled glass beads made from a Skyy Vodka bottle, beautiful blue glass earrings

Skyy Vodka Bottle Earrings

Skyy Vodka bottle! Such a rich and luscious colour. I always love the silver sparkle through these beads. Perfect for a night on the town.