Recycled glass earrings | glass beads made from Skyy Vodka bottle

Day 92 – Skyy Vodka Rectangle Hoop Earrings

Rectangle hoops featuring beads made from a Skyy Vodka bottle. Love this stunning colour. I have been testing the red version of these hoops today, very very cool look I…

Recycled glass pendant | bead made from a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle

Day 91 – Bombay Sapphire Gin Pendant

Inspired by Monday. I have been making some beads for a special customer with much bigger holes than normal, so I thought I would see how they worked on a…

Recycled glass jewellery | beads made from gin and wine bottles

Day 90 – Sunday sets

Loving the matt and shiny finishes on these pieces. Such a soft way to contrast recycled glass beads. Beads made from gin and wine bottles.

Day 89 – Behind the scenes

Love this shot of my studio taken by @rosinapossingham

Recycled glass earrings | beads made from stained glass

Day 88 – Stained Glass Earrings

Not my usual recycled glass story, but I was given some stained glass a while ago and asked if it might be useful. I picked a few colours and made…

Recycled glass bracelet | beads made from gin and champagne bottles

Day 87 – Champagne and gin bottle bracelet

A bracelet featuring beads made from gin and champagne bottles. Really loving the green in between the silver and gold Gin bottle beads.

Recycled glass necklace | beads made from wine, gin and vodka bottles.

Day 86 – Blue/Green recycled glass pendant necklace

A pendant necklace made from wine, gin and vodka bottles. What a lovely mix of blues and greens.

Recycled glass earrings | glass beads made from a Green Ginger Wine bottle

Day 85 – Green Ginger Wine bottle earrings

Oh gosh, wasn’t expecting to make these super cute earrings today! The bottom bead is from a green ginger wine bottle, middle bead is from a Tanqueray Gin bottle and…

Recycled glass necklace | glass beads made from gin and tonic water bottles and Green Depression Glass

Day 84 – Horizontal Recycled Glass Pendant Necklace

Inspired by Monday. Lately I have been making all sorts of pendants that sit vertically, today I thought I would try something a little bit different. Beads made from gin…

Recycled glass bead jewellery | beads made from wine and gin bottles

Day 83 – Sunday sets

From what I can tell there are two types of people: ones that love matchy-matchy sets and others that don’t mind if things aren’t exactly matchy-matchy. What type of person…

Recycled glass beads | behind the scenes of my recycled glass bead collection!

Day 82 – Behind the Scenes

Over the years the beads accumulate! Every time I make a pair of earrings, I make 3 or 4 beads just so I can get them right. Sometimes I pull…

Recycled glass beads | glass beads made from green glass

Day 81 – New glass

Always interesting to see how new glass melts in the flame. I like to make small test beads to start with. I don’t know yet why these two beads turned…