Ocean inspired earrings

Day 317. I am getting some luscious earrings ready for my newsletter. They are variations of pink/purple/red wave beads in a variety of styles. This is today’s pair, and I…

Recycled glass earrings

Day 316. I have been sharing all sorts of recycled glass earrings lately, because there are so many different glass bottles that I can use. Today’s beads are made from…

Hendricks Gin and Tonic Earrings

Day 315. Classic Hendricks Gin and Tonic earrings. The Hendricks Gin bottle is so dark it’s almost black, but when I melt the glass to make beads, a dark brown…

Champagne bottle earrings

Day 314. There are quite a few shades of green glass, but the glass from a champagne bottle is particularly stunning if you like a slightly deeper, more olive green.…

Coopers Ale Earrings

Day 313. Coopers Ale bottle. If I am going to drink a beer, most of the time it will be a Coopers variety. Why? Because it tastes great, and I…

Collaboration with Bethany Wines

Day 312. Shoutout to my favourite collaboration with @bethanywines_barossa ! They let me use some of their beautiful wine bottles for a SALA exhibition a few years ago, and I have been…

Banrock Station Earrings

Day 311. I choose to use Banrock Station wine bottles to make beads because they have a very strong commitment to looking after the environment. Their wetlands are awesome to…

Skyy Vodka Earrings

Day 310. Skyy Vodka! Such a deep and gorgeous colour. The glass sparkles and shines and also does an etched finish really beautifully.

Tanqueray Gin bottle earrings

Day 309. OK Tanqueray, it’s your time to shine. And also be etched! Mixed with Fever-Tree tonic bottle beads, these greens are a perfect shade for the spring/summer season.

Bombay Sapphire Gin earrings

Day 308. Enjoying mixing the different finishes on these beads made from a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle: shiny, etched, pixie dust.

Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray Gin earrings

Day 307. Tanqueray Gin, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Fever-Tree tonic bottles mix perfectly in this pair of earrings.

Hendricks Limited Release earrings

Day 306. Hendricks Limited Release Gin, Fever Tree Tonic and recycled sterling silver beads all layered in this pair of earrings. Love the shiny/etched contrast of the gin bottle beads.