Recycled glass earrings | earrings made from a blue vase found in an op shop

Day 32 – Earrings made from a blue vase

It’s quite amazing what you can find in your local op shop. This little vase was found by my friend, and I think it has made a lovely pair of…

Recycled glass bracelet | glass beads made from wine and gin bottles

Day 31 – Bracelet made from wine and gin bottles

A bracelet made from wine and gin bottles. As pretty as the day is here today!

Recycled glass necklace | featuring recycled glass beads made from wine and tonic water bottles

Day 30 – Enamel tube necklace with recycled glass beads

It was time to make a necklace, and because I had my enamel tubes out, I was able to make this pretty necklace featuring clear beads made from assorted wine…

Recycled glass earrings | glass beads made from a Bethany Wines wine bottle

Day 29 – Bethany Wines Earrings

These earrings, made from @bethanywines_barossa wine bottles, are a little bit elegant, a little bit fun and a little bit different.

Recycled glass earrings | pink recycled glass beads with enamel copper tubes

Day 28 – Enamel Mismatch Earrings

Inspired by Monday! I was tidying my desk this morning and found a bunch of copper tubes that I had enamelled for an exhibition last year. I had actually forgotten…

Day 27 – Skyy Vodka Flower sets

Sunday sets. I love the simplicity of this set of jewellery. The flower beads are made from a Skyy Vodka bottle. I think you could wear this set day and…

Recycled glass beads | making recycled glass beads

Day 26 – Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes. Love this photograph taken by @rosinapossingham If you look closely you will see that the orange glow at the bottom is the bead on a mandrel and the top…

Recycled glass beads | beads made from a pink cup

Day 25 – pink glass

I am loving Friday’s because it’s the day I get to find some new glass and test it out to see how it melts into beads. I don’t often use…

Recycled glass bracelet | earthy coloured beads made from various recycled glass objects

Day 24 – Pretty earthy recycled glass bracelet

Day 24. A bit side-tracked by my very sick dog at the moment, but in between phone calls from the vets I managed to find some time to make this…

Recycled glass necklace | gin and tonic beads

Day 23 – Bombay Sapphire Gin and tonic necklace

Keep thinking cool thoughts South Aussies! This heat will pass. Keeping it cool today with Bombay Sapphire Gin and Fever-Tree tonic water bottle beads. This necklace is a work in…

Recycled glass earrings

Day 22 – Recycled glass earrings

I love the shape and colour of these recycled glass earrings. Just a little bit different.

Recycled glass jewellery | silver and gold beads made from gin and beer bottles

Day 21 – Inspired by Monday

I found some more silver and gold beads in my collection and was inspired to make this necklace featuring beads made from gin and beer bottles.  I was also inspired…