Favourites Day 1

Bracelet #1. My favourites collection is now ready to be shared. Over the next week I will have pieces available for sale on Instagram/Facebook. It’s simple, if you like the…

red earrings

More earrings for the “favourites” collection

Spending time today making some more bits and pieces as part of my “favourites” collection! It’s slowly coming together.

My all time favourite beads

My all-time favourite beads in my favourite colours! Kandinsky beads, this time with a round shape. Ocean wave beads. Square beads decorated with smashed up glass. Ellipse shaped beads have…

red pink purple bracelet

Red Pink Purple glass bead bracelet

A mix of my favourite beads in my favourite colours, sprinkled with some freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones.

Red glass earrings

New favourite earrings

When I start putting a new collection of jewellery together, the first things I make are earrings! It’s nice to have the option of matching or mis-matching them, and they…

red pink purple beads

More of my favourite beads

The collection of my favourite beads in my favourite colours is growing! I still have a few more styles to add to this collection and then I will start making…

recycled glass bottle

Recycled glass bottles

Unfortunately, not all glass bottles can be recycled to make beautiful glass beads. I was excited to be given this beautiful pale green gin bottle the other day, however when…

Hendrick’s Orbium Gin Bottle Jewellery

Meet a new Hendrick’s Gin bottle! I was wandering through the gin section of Dan Murphy’s last year and saw this bottle, and had to look twice and then hold…

My favourite beads

Starting to make a collection of my favourite beads in my favourite colours.

recycled glass jewellery

Recycled Glass Jewellery

I have restocked recycled glass jewellery at @tartscollective today! This is the place to go if you need a gift for someone special. Open Monday to Saturday from 10-5. My…

blue glass colour scheme

Ocean theme colour scheme

A hot day here, so I am playing with a colour palette that reminds me of the ocean. Mixing my recycled glass and Italian glass beads with some pearls and…

Julie Frahm Glass jewellery

Custom necklace design

Last year I received an email from someone who thought I might be able to help them modernise a beautiful blue Italian glass necklace. They sent through a picture of…