Last minute gifts

Day 352. A lucky find in my bead stash while I was making some last minute bracelets for @tartscollective today. This pair will be headed to T’Arts tomorrow for anyone…

long green bead earrings

Long green bead earrings

Day 352. I am doing my last shift at @tartscollective for the year on Saturday! If you have any last minute glass jewellery gift requirements, let me know and I…

gin and tonic earrings

Gin and Tonic earrings

Day 351. Gin and tonic earrings featuring beads made from Tanqueray Gin and Fever-Tree tonic bottles, this time I have put a small blue coloured bead on top for something…

bombay sapphire gin earrings

Mismatched Bombay Sapphire Gin Earrings

Day 350. I thought this pair of Bombay Sapphire Gin earrings might be fun to wear if you were having a few gin and tonics with friends. Mismatched earrings have…

gin bottle earrings

Bombay Sapphire Gin Stud Earrings

Day 349. I found some small Bombay Sapphire Gin flowers in my collection, and turned them into studs.

vodka flower earrings

Skyy Vodka Earrings

Day 348. Something a little bit different. Flower beads made from a Skyy Vodka bottle, turned into studs. Very sweet.

orange earrings

Simple Orange Earrings

Day 347. Keeping it simple again today.

Simple and sweet earrings

Day 346. Just finished birthday dinner with my family and remembered I had not made a pair of earrings today! Pressure was on, and this is what happened. Simple and…

Green Glass Bead Earrings

Day 345. I think I need to channel the calm and peacefulness of these earrings into my life at the moment.

gold beer bottle earrings

Gold Beer Bottle Earrings

Day 345. Whenever I make a pair of earrings I usually make 5 beads to try and get a “matching” pair. It’s nice to have leftovers to make other things.…

Glass bird earrings

Some of my favourite earrings for the year

Day 343. I have been going back over some of my favourite styles of earrings this year, and I have to say that the mismatched birds and flowers have been…

Gin and tonic earrings

Gin and Tonic Earrings

Day 342. Another flavour of gin and tonic earrings, this time featuring pink/red beads made from a tonic bottle with a tiny Hendricks Limited Release bead. Love this colour combo…