Long Recycled Glass Bead necklace

Long recycled glass bead necklace

I love making these necklaces! And I am keeping this one for me. It features all sorts of recycled glass beads from all of my favourite glass bottles and objects.…

making glass beads

Making recycled glass beads

Hopefully this short video helps to explain the process of making recycled glass beads. Let me know if you have any questions! MakingBeads

recycled glass beads

How do I get the holes in beads?

One of the most common questions I get asked about my recycled glass beads is – how do I get the holes in the beads? Hopefully this photo helps to…

Mismatched earrings

Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched earrings are always fun to make and wear!

glass bead bracelet

Mixed glass bead bracelet

It’s my turn to work in the gallery at @stationmaster5255 in Strathalbyn! I will be adding this bracelet to the collection. It’s a beautiful day here. Lovely to see so…

Red glass bead bracelet

Red Glass Bead Bracelet

Given how hot it is in South Australia at the moment, it’s no wonder the jewellery I have been making this week features handmade RED glass beads 🔥made from Italian…

red glass bead necklace

Red, black and white necklace

Classic colour combo. There was a period of time when these were the ONLY colours I wore! Still love them all together like this.

Red glass bead necklace

Red glass bead necklace

This necklace was a lot of fun to put together, with a mix of handmade red glass beads.

T'Arts - textile and arts collective

T’Arts – Textile and Art Collective

I am working at @tartscollective today! I love my day in the shop! My display at the moment has all sorts of pieces on it, including the bracelet in the…

recycled glass necklace

Green and Brown Recycled Glass Necklace

A beautiful mix of green and brown recycled glass beads. Beads have been made from beer, wine, champagne and gin bottles, along with some Green Depression glass.

Rainbow jewellery

Rainbow jewellery

Rainbow jewellery! I love that this necklace can be worn doubled or tripled for a totally different look.

glass bead bracelet

Blue and Green handmade glass bead bracelet

A lovely mix of handmade blue and green beads leftover from various projects over the years, and put together in this bracelet that is one of my favourite styles to…