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30% discount – last chance

First of all, thanks to everyone who has shopped in the Flash Sale!  I just wanted to let you know that the 30% discount offer ends Monday night, around midnight South Australian time, so you still have a chance to order any items at 30% discount if you'd like to.

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to offer these big discounts on a regular basis going forward.  After taking into account all of the fees that are involved with a sale (PayPal, Etsy, postage), I am really having to re-evaluate my discounting strategy!

If you want to get some good deals, this is the time.  I won't be offering 30% discount again, unless I am selling out the listing in my Etsy shop.

Here is the link to go to my shop ( .  When you checkout type FLASH30 into the coupon box, and the discount will be applied.
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Coopers Ale Bottle Necklace

I’ve been on a bit of a roll with the Coopers Ale beads lately (which is actually quite funny because you are supposed to roll the bottles before you drink the beer)!  Ha, ha.

I have also been enjoying making these necklaces without clasps.  They are so interesting because you can wear them however you want.

Coopers Ale beads made into a really interesting necklace!


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Flash Sale 30% discount


Steps to get your discount:

1. Go to my Etsy shop

2. Select the jewellery that you really, really like

3. Add jewellery to cart

4. Press the checkout button

5. Enter coupon code FLASH30 at the appropriate time during the checkout

6. Voila!  30% discount is yours.

Coupon expires Monday 1st September.  You can still use the code on Monday, but not after that.

P.S. Thank you for shopping in my Etsy shop.

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Moet Bottle Beads

We were given a bottle of Moet for our wedding, and after we drank it I made sure we kept the bottle (just in case)!

I’ve been trying new things with recycled glass a lot recently and I thought it was time to crack out the Moet bottle and use it to make some beads.

Here is the end result:

Beads made from a Moet champagne bottle (Swarovski crystal spacers)
A slightly different angle of the same necklace. I love the intensity of the colour of the beads.
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Friday Night!

I love Friday nights.  I have loved them since I started working.  What a way to end the week, with a few drinks and a meal out.  It has always felt like a real treat.  Now that I am self-employed, with kids, it’s a slightly different night!

We have started a new tradition in our family of pizza night on a Friday night!  The kids get involved with making the pizzas, and it’s a really nice time for us all to relax and have some lovely family time.

Do you celebrate Friday nights in your house?

Ciara and Finn making pizzas for the family!
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Flame On Exhibition 2014

Almost a year ago now we were in Melbourne when the Kirra Galleries Annual “Flame On” exhibition was showing.  I absolutely loved it, and as I was walking around looking at all the amazing glass works on display I kept thinking to myself “I would LOVE to be part of this one day.”

Fast forward a year, and there was a call for new artists which I responded to with my proposal to make some necklaces from a variety of recycled glass sources.  I pressed send on the email and held my breath.  I had to answer a few more questions about my work, and then I finally got the acceptance email from the gallery director.

And now I can see my name on the invitation, it is really real!


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Green Glass Bead Jewellery

I like wearing earrings.

I know some people who just like wearing bracelets.

And then there are others who like to wear matching earrings, necklace and bracelet.

What do you prefer?

A selection of green glass jewellery now available in my Etsy shop!
A selection of green glass jewellery now available in my Etsy shop!
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New work on Etsy (finally)

Hi!  I have finally listed some new work on Etsy.  It’s been a work in progress for far too long, so I have decided to offer a special discount to anyone who orders anything from my Etsy shop for the next week.  This is my way of saying “thanks for waiting”.

Simply go to my shop.  When you checkout type FLASH30 into the coupon box, and the discount will be applied.

Here’s a selection of work now in the shop, this is the blue colour scheme!

IMG_1373 IMG_1421

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SALA 2014 – it’s a wrap!

The SALA Festival (South Australian Living Artists) is over for another year.  It’s always a bittersweet, reflective time as I pack up exhibitions, find out what has and hasn’t sold, and work out what to do with the “leftovers”.  Time to think about what worked well, what I could have done better, what I might do next year.

I am excited about sending this work from Home-Wear out into the world.  I sold a few pieces from this collection, and I really love the jewellery and the beads that I have made.  It represents some really different work for me, and that is always scary and exciting!

Thanks to Michelle from Canopy Interiors in Mount Gambier for looking after my work for the past 2 weeks.  It’s been a great experience.


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A few more new necklaces…

And here are some more new necklaces that I have made.  It’s been fun taking apart necklaces that haven’t sold, and putting them back together in different ways.

This necklace was made from taking apart a couple of red necklaces, and putting the beads back together in a very different way
I quite liked the style of the red one above, and made another one using a variety of green beads.
Black and white goes with everything, and this necklace has a nice selection of black and white beads in it.