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24 hours to go

I have a few pieces left in my online shop for this special release of jewellery made from a Prohibition Gin bottle, freshwater pearls and crystals. They will be available until midday tomorrow and after that they are going to T’Arts for their 21st birthday exhibition.

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New collection of jewellery

Thank you for all the lovely orders that have come through! There are still some pieces available in this collection of work. Link in bio. It will be online until midday Sunday March 3 and after that it will be available at T’Arts for their 21st birthday exhibition.

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Pearl and recycled glass bead jewellery

Two bracelets and two more earrings to add to the collection of new jewellery heading to @tartscollective for their 21st Birthday Celebration window display! The beads have been made from a Prohibition Gin bottle featuring my own special blend of frit to add a little bit of colour. Looking forward to heading in for the opening Next Sunday from 1-4pm. Hope to see you there!!

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T’Arts 21st birthday celebration

A new collection of jewellery to celebrate @tartscollective 21st Birthday! The opening for this exhibition will be on Sunday 3rd March from 1-4pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. I have used @prohibitionliquor gin bottles (made in South Australia) and a mix of beautiful freshwater pearls, crystals and gemstones. Can’t wait to see the exhibition all set up. I hope you will come and CELEBRATE with us! I love being a member of this amazing collective of wonderful artists.

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Change One Thing

The judges of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art prize didn’t love my entry enough to include it in their exhibition, but that’s OK because I still loved thinking about it and making it last year. It’s called “change one thing” and it’s a reflection on the tiny things we can do that can make a difference to our world. I have changed one thing in each of these bracelets to create a completely different bracelet. And by putting all of the bracelets together it makes a necklace.

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New colour pallette

Getting a bit of a mood board of beads ready for my next collection of work. The new pieces will feature beads made from a Prohibition Gin bottle, pearls, crystals and gemstones. I will be displaying some of the work at the T’Arts 21st birthday exhibition opening March 3, along with a selection of work to be made available online in case you can’t make it to Adelaide. Stay tuned for more progress pictures.

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T’Arts Collective

Having a lovely day at @tartscollective today. I have put lots of new work on display and enjoyed seeing new work from the other artists here too. It’s such a great place to visit and I can’t wait for our first 21st birthday exhibition opening here in a few weeks. Working on some very new pieces of jewellery at the moment.

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Frit blends

For a long time I have used frit made and then blended by someone else. But towards the end of last year I was searching for some special blends for some new projects and nothing was quite right. So I stocked up on a rainbow of different frit colours so I could make my own blends. This one is so pretty, I love how the beads turned out.

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Prohibition Gin Bottle Beads

I am very happy with the test beads I made from a @prohibitionliquor gin bottle. The glass is really clear, very sparkly and it holds the smashed up glass really well too. I don’t think these will end up being the colours I use for the exhibition, so that’s the next thing to work on…getting the colours just right.