T'Arts Window Exhibition

T’Arts Window Exhibition

We did it! Our window exhibition is all set up at @tartscollective in Gays Arcade. I am so grateful to @tangerinemeg for suggesting an exhibition together. I think our work…

glass bead jewellery

Window Exhibition at T’Arts Collective

So my exhibition looks a bit like this at the moment! But by this time tomorrow it will be all set up at @tartscollective alongside the beautiful art of @tangerinemeg.…

Colourful bead bracelets

Colourful Dotty Bead Bracelets

Colourful dotty bead bracelets heading to @tartscollectivefor my window exhibition with @tangerinemeg ! We set three creative challenges, and while I found some easier than others, I really like all…

colourful bird necklace

Colourful Bird Necklace

And a couple of necklaces featuring colourful bird and dotty beads. So many pretty colours in a necklace that will brighten even the greyest of days (like today)!

Mexican Bird Earrings

Mexican Folk Art inspired Bird Earrings

I have been having a lot of fun making all sorts of colourful earrings for my window exhibition at @tartscollective. They are inspired by Mexican Folk Art.

Bird Earrings

Bird Earrings

One of the creative challenges we set for our exhibition was “Mexican Folk Art” which is very colourful and incorporates beautiful motifs like flowers and birds. I chose to focus…

Tangerine Meg

Introducing Margie Goodchild aka Tangerine Meg

Yes! I am exhibiting with Margie Goodchild aka @tangerinemeg during the month of June at @tartscollective ! Swipe to see some sneak peaks from the exhibition, and then click on…

Window Exhibition at T’Arts Collective

Have you guessed who I am exhibiting with at @tartscollective in June? My newsletter is going out today with all of the news, and a sneak peak of our work…

glass beads

Wishing for a little magic…

Wishing I could say “abracadabra” and all of these beads would magically turn themselves into beautiful pieces of jewellery! With less than 2 weeks to go until I set up…

glass jewellery inspiration

Native flower inspiration

Sharing some of the inspiration and the start of some finished earrings for my upcoming window display/exhibition at @tartscollective. It’s easy to be inspired by the native flora in my…

leaf earrings

Leaf earrings

Colourful little leaf beads coming together in earrings! So many pretty colours in these earrings. Hmm, they might even end up as my new favourite earrings.

Glass Leaf beads

Glass Frit Leaf Beads

I have lots of different frit collections (smashed up bits of glass) in a range of colours. So for this exhibition I took spoonfuls from all of the collections, and…