glass bead bracelet

More leftover glass bead bracelets

Two more bracelets made from “leftover” beads ready to go in my next newsletter, going out at some stage next week! They will feature beads that I have made from…

blue glass bead bracelet

Leftover Bead Bracelets

I was going through all of my “leftover” Italian glass beads the other day, and started thinking “why do I have so many beads?” I know the answer is for…

Kandinsky inspiration

Kandinsky Inspiration

My favourite painting, inspiring me again! Kandinsky “Squares with Concentric Circles” a colour study painting that will stay with me forever after seeing it in New York many many years…

champagne lover earrings

Bubbles Earrings

One of the best things about doing markets is meeting so many lovely people. I met Wendy many years ago now, and we have bumped into each other at various…

green glass bead bracelet

Green glass bead bracelet

All the pretty green beads. The feature wave bead has been made from Italian glass, with all of the other beads made from a variety of recycled glass objects.

recycled glass bead necklace

Recycled glass bead necklaces

New necklaces heading to @tartscollective on Saturday! Featuring a mix of handmade recycled glass beads from a variety of glass objects including wine, beer and gin bottles.

recycled glass bead bracelet

Recycled glass bead bracelets

Starting to get some new jewellery ready for @tartscollective. These recycled glass bead bracelets will be heading there on Saturday when I get to work in the shop for the…

recycled glass earrings

Recycled glass earrings

There are lots of limitations to what I can do with recycled glass, but I still love working with all sorts of recycled glass objects, because the colours can be…

Green recycled glass earrings

Green Recycled Glass Earrings

Two popular “green” earrings are made from Tanqueray gin and Moet champagne bottles. Which one is your favourite?

recycled glass beads

Recycled glass beads

It’s a bit of a process going from an empty Bombay Sapphire gin bottle, to being able to use the glass to make beads…but it’s worth it for the beautiful…

Yorketown Earrings

Peesey Pantry

A small collection of recycled glass earrings heading over to the Yorke Peninsula, to my home town of Yorketown! Peesey Pantry is a combined tea room and emporium of goods,…

recycled glass bead earrings

Classic Recycled Glass Earrings

Autumn is my favourite season, and these are some of my favourite beads to make, using gold leaf on Coopers Ale beer bottles makes a timeless, classic pair of earrings.