Happy New Year

Happy New Year! After 366 days of making a pair of earrings every day, I wanted to share the 16 most liked images from last year. Thanks for all the…

bird and flower earrings

The last day of my earring challenge!

Day 366. Oh gosh! 366 pairs of earrings later and my challenge for this year is finished! It’s a bittersweet feeling, and I am ending the challenge with some of…

Kandinsky inspired earrings

Kandinsky Inspired Earrings

Day 365. Of course it’s a leap year, and I have one more day to go! But that’s ok, it’s been fun to look back on some of the most…

long enamel tube earrings

Long Enamel Copper Tube Earrings

Day 364. I played with copper and enamel this year and kept coming back to the enamel copper tubes to add to my jewellery. Also, just letting you know @tartscollective…

Citadelle Gin Earrings

Citadelle Gin Earrings

Day 363. I will also continue to add to my range of recycled glass jewellery next year. I was so happy to discover Citadelle Gin as the bottle is a…

pearl and recycled glass earrings

Pearl and Recycled glass earrings

Day 362. Very happy to add to my range of jewellery with freshwater pearls this year. These earrings feature recycled glass beads made from Hendricks Limited Release Gin and Moet…

Cluster Earrings

Day 361. Cluster earrings were definitely some of my favourite earrings to make and wear this year! So many different variations, so much colour.

Merry Christmas

Day 360. I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas Day as much as I have enjoyed mine. Sparkly wine bottle beads with small red Italian glass feature in this pair…

Green bead earrings

Green Earrings

Day 359. Happy day before Christmas! So many beautiful shades of green, it’s no wonder green has been a popular earring choice this year.

Stationmasters Gallery in Strathalbyn

Day 358. @stationmaster5255 gallery is closed for painting at the moment, so I am slowly getting some new earrings and bracelets ready for when they reopen on January 2.

Favourite Earrings

Day 357. Three of my favourite things from my earring challenge this year: the long hooks, pearls and ocean inspired beads! I have tried all sorts of different things this…

New Earring Cards

Day 356. I will be slowly adding new earring cards to the collections next year. I am testing the idea with Bombay Sapphire Gin because it’s the most popular earring…