Gin and tonic earrings

Easing restrictions

Day 184. Rules and restrictions. I have so many rules with my work, some that I have created and some that the galleries that I work with have created for…

wine bottle earrings

Wine bottle earrings and bracelet

Day 183. Half way through the year!? Woah. Today’s earrings and bracelet feature beads made from a wine bottle and freshwater pearls.

Red purple and pink earrings

Red, purple and pink earrings

Day 182. Colour palette that I love: red, purple and pink. Earrings that I love: mismatched. Hmm, this pair might be calling my name. And spotty, don’t forget the spots!!…

Bird and Flower earrings

Bird and Flower Earrings now available on Etsy

Day 181. It has been fun to see what colours and combinations of birds and flowers that people have been choosing from my new listings on Etsy. Some have gone…

Bird Earrings

Bird Earrings

Day 180. Putting the finishing touches on my newsletter which will be out early this evening. It features some really cute new bird and flower earrings that you can mix…

Colourful glass earrings

Colourful dotty earrings – take 2

Day 179. I made a pair of earrings on day 8 that featured these colourful spotty beads, and now I am using them again but a little bit differently!

Gin and Tonic Earrings

Gin and Tonic Earrings

Day 178. Black and silver bugle beads, with recycled glass beads made from a Hendricks Gin Limited Release bottle and a Fever Tree tonic bottle.

long blue wine bottle earrings

Long blue wine bottle earrings

Day 177. I made this pair of earrings this morning and then forgot to post them online, so here they are, better late than never. They were not really supposed…

Gin and Tonic Earrings

Gin and Tonic Earrings

Day 176. Taking yesterday’s idea and changing it a little to feature smaller beads made from a tonic water bottle and the little pop of colour is from a Bombay…

Gin and Tonic Earrings

Tonic and Gin bottle earrings

Day 175. A slightly different variation on the gin and tonic series, where the tonic bead is the feature, and the gin bead made from a Hendricks Limited Release bottle…

beer bottle earrings with gold leaf

Gold leaf beer bottle earrings and pendant

Day 174. Coopers Ale beer bottle with gold leaf. One of my all time favourite combinations, and possibly the trickiest beads to make because of the gold leaf. So fine…

Pink Depression Glass Earrings

Pink Depression Glass Earrings

Day 173. Officially one of my favourite days of the year, the winter solstice, knowing that we now start to head towards summer makes me very happy. The beads in…