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12 Days of Christmas – what happened?

Every year December takes me by surprise!  Some shops where I sell my work are busy…some shops are super busy!  I never know what to expect, and of course, I’m never really prepared for it.  It’s hard to predict what people are going to buy!

Same thing this year.  I had made enough new work to show in the 12 Days of Christmas on my website, then I went to the market and sold several of the pieces, and then one of the shops where I sell my work needed more of my work…and I had that issue of time, and not enough of it to do everything!

So, I am just going to apologise to you if you were looking forward to new work.  I’m sorry, it didn’t happen on the website.  Not this year.  I’ll try to put some new work up next year.

I have been inspired to try some new things next year.  Let’s hope they work out!