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Colour Play – Warm – Orange

Today it is bright and sunny here, so I thought I would show you the orange pieces that I made this month!

There is something about orange that can make you feel quite happy!  I don’t mind wearing a pair of orange earrings.  I’m not sure I could stretch to an orange jumper yet, but maybe one day!  But you only really need a splash of orange to brighten up a winter outfit.

I am very fond of the orange earrings in this set.  They have a rounder shape to them, and the little silver tube feature at the front, really completes the look.  The necklace has a nice variety of colours in it, making it quite versatile, and a great length!

If you like any of the pieces featured, here is a quick link to the shop!

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View from my studio…

Getting work ready for an exhibition kind of takes it out of me, and it takes a few days to recover.  Today is my day in the studio, but I’m taking it easy, and tidying up a bit first, before I start making beads again.

The exhibition at Red Poles opens on Saturday, and will be open until July 31, so plenty of time to pop down for a visit.  We had a lovely day in the McLaren Vale on Saturday!

I’m starting to get ready for the Etsy Market on Monday 12 June.  (Click the link to find out more details).  I’m also working on some new display options!

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Colour Play – Warm – Brown

This month I have taken some time to make beads from the warmer side of the colour wheel.  I love how these necklaces sit, perfect for winter clothes, as they sit a bit lower.  I have been experimenting with earrings again, and this style is really comfortable, and a bit different to what I have been making.

If you would like to purchase any of these pieces, they are available in the shop!   And at discounted prices from what they will retail for in the stores.

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View from my studio

In my studio today I am working hard to meet an exhibition deadline.  Beads are made, and this photograph is of the blue beads that will be making their way into some necklaces and earrings.

The exhibition will be held at Red Poles, and opens on June 3.  The theme is “Rolling plains and jewel seas” and I can’t wait to see what everyone has put together for this group exhibition.

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SALA 2017

This year I am exhibiting in my 10th solo SALA exhibition!  I look forward to getting new work ready for August every year, it’s such a great opportunity to try new things.

This year I am teaming up with Bethany Wines in the Barossa, and recycling their beautiful wine bottles to create new beads and jewellery.  Trying new things….sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t….but I really like this new necklace.  I love the colours, and the sparkle.

Thank you Bethany Wines for hosting me this year.

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Colour Play – Earrings #4

Colour Play #1

Colour Play #2

Colour Play #3

And finally it was time to tweak a couple of pairs of studs just a little bit to make some new and (hopefully) interesting pairs.

The first pair of studs was made from a Banrock Station wine bottle.  I flattened the beads and also etched them.  I do love the soft etched finish!

The second pair of earrings was made from a Peroni Beer bottle, and I have used one of my favourite flower beads, and turned them into studs.  Transparent, shiny and sparkly, they are a bit different from what I have made in the past, as they are usually opaque.

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Warm colours

Oh boy, it has turned all cold here again!  I guess it is nearly winter, but….you know I kind of prefer it a bit warmer!

Luckily I had planned to make some beads and jewellery with WARM colours!  I have chosen this side of the colour wheel for the next Colour Play.  It should be ready soon.  If you are subscribed to my newsletter….you’ll be the first to know about it.

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New etched glass necklaces

I had “planned” to make these necklaces a little bit differently, but then I ran out of beads and had to dive into my stash of leftover beads to see what I could use, and this is how they ended up.  Actually….I think I’m pretty happy with them.  A bit more colourful, and a bit more fun than my original idea.  Funny how that happens sometimes.

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Colour Play – Earrings #3

Last week I showed you the earrings that I created from a current design that I have tweaked a little.

The week before that I showed you some new dangly earrings.

So this week I want to show you some really, really different earrings.  These are probably some of my favourite new earrings!  I can’t wait to take them through to production.  I’m still working out how to do that, and I’m hoping you will like them as much as me!

The first pair are made from a Skyy Vodka bottle.  Each of the sides of the square are 2.5cm, and they are actually really light to wear.

The second pair of earrings are made from a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle.  A great colour, and the square hoops are super cool.