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A Cup of Tea with Me



Hello and welcome to my blog!

I have just finished the Blog with Me course run by Pip Lincolne, and I am here to have a cup of tea with you.

Well, actually it’s just coffee in this house.  I went through a tea drinking phase a few years ago, but I really do prefer a good cup of coffee.

Here’s some more about me:

What I do on a daily basis: I get up, go for a walk with my dog, come home to find the kids waking up, get them some breakfast and ready for the day.  During nap times I am in my studio either making glass beads or putting jewellery together with those beads.

Favourite things to do: I like going for walks, by myself or with the family.  I like making glass beads!

Favourite place to be: At home!  In my studio to be precise, but anywhere that my family is close by is perfect.

Favourite things to eat/drink: We have just started making our own sushi at home, and loving how simple, healthy and filling that is.  I don’t mind a sparkling white wine every now and then.

Favourite inspirations: Vogue!  Sometimes I’ll treat myself to a Vogue from a different country.  I love seeing what is in fashion, styles and colours.  It is one of the biggest influences in m jewellery design.

Something I want to know more about: photography!  I have started doing an online photography course, and I am absolutely loving picking up my DSLR camera and taking photos.  I’m enjoying the complexity of composition and light, and can’t wait to learn more.

Some favourite blogs: I used to enjoy reading Kerry Bogert’s blog, when she was making glass beads full-time, but now she has a “real” job things are a bit quieter over there…

Thanks for stopping by.