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Alice Potter Workshop


I went to a very inspiring workshop at the Jam Factory last night.  It was “Making Wearable Art” and it was led by the fabulous jeweller Alice Potter.

We were given a little goody bag filled with all sorts of interesting bits and pieces.  Alice showed us examples of her amazing jewellery, gave us a few tips and suggestions, and then let us go crazy for the next couple of hours making whatever we wanted.  I had a lot of fun just messing around with all of the things we had been given, but I thought I should try to make at least one thing.

I would show you a photograph of that piece, except my daughter took a bit of a shine to it this morning and wore it to school for Harmony Day!  I will photograph it and show you tomorrow.

I felt so grateful that I was able to go to the workshop.  It really opened me up to new ideas and new way of doing things.  I had a lot of fun making the brooch, and I am looking forward to wearing it (if I get it back)!  I realised that brooches have been something I have always wanted to make, but have never quite worked out how to do them with glass + beads.  It’s not impossible, but it is tricky.  The workshop has made me start thinking about making brooches again.  Wonder where that will end up?  Stay tuned!