blue recycled glass necklace

Blue recycled glass necklace

Getting some new necklaces ready for @stationmaster5255 gallery in Strathalbyn. This necklace features blue beads made from vodka, wine, gin and tonic bottles. I love how the new Citadelle beads…

gin bottle jewellery

Citadelle Gin bottle jewellery collection

From bottle, to broken glass, to beads, to earrings! It’s quite a process to go from a discarded bottle to a beautiful pair of earrings, but it’s worth the effort…

making glass beads

Hello! Welcome!

Hello! I thought it might be nice to introduce myself for the start of a new year. I am Julie and I started making jewellery when I left school. That…

gin and tonic earrings

New gin and tonic earrings

These new gin and tonic earrings are really sweet, a lovely pop of colour, and slightly shorter than other pairs at just 4cm long. Made from Citadelle, Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray,…

gin bottle jewellery

Custom Orders

I love making special orders for people. One of my lovely customers saw the Citadelle Gin collection recently, and asked for a set to be made like this! I really…

Long recycled glass bead necklaces

Long Recycled Glass Bead Necklaces

Four long necklaces featuring a mix of handmade recycled glass beads will be heading to @pepper_street_arts_centre in February. I have loved making this range of necklaces, they are such an…

Tanqueray Gin and Tonic Earrings

Tanqueray Gin and Tonic Earrings

*NEW* gin and tonic earrings will be heading to @pepper_street_arts_centre for their “reuse” exhibition as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The earrings on the right are 4cm long, which…

Gin and Tonic Earrings

Gin and Tonic Earrings

The Gin and Tonic range of earrings now features beads made from five different gin bottles! Bombay Sapphire, Citadelle, Tanqueray, Hendrick’s and Hendrick’s Summer Solstice.

citadelle gin bottle jewellery

Citadelle Gin bottle jewellery

This is a sneak peak of the collection of Citadelle Gin jewellery that will be going online soon. A mix of long and short earrings, plain and patterned beads, a…

Citadelle Gin bottle jewellery

Citadelle Gin bottle jewellery

Starting to get a little collection of Citadelle Gin bottle jewellery ready to add to my website and Etsy. It’s such a gorgeous colour. I love the etched/shiny contrast. Sign…