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Murray Bridge Show 2023 – Results

I had a lot of fun making necklaces for the Murray Bridge Show. I will be taking them to T’Arts in a couple of weeks.

Murray Bridge Show 2023

Happy days! I promise to take a better photo when I collect my work from the Murray Bridge Show later today. Happy to see the pink necklace got First Prize…

Murray Bridge Show entries

You voted! Pink was the firm favourite, followed by the blue/green recycled glass bead necklace. Heading to the Murray Bridge Show next week, can’t wait to see what the judges…

Murray Bridge Show Entry 3

Entry number 3 for the Murray Bridge Show. I like how you can wear this one a few different ways, depending on what beads you want to feature. So which…

Murray Bridge Show Entry

Murray Bridge Show entry #2. A mixture of beads made from recycled glass objects like gin, wine and vodka bottles!

Beads from Fowlers Jars

Fresh out the kiln! The beads are so pretty. The glass melted beautifully. The colour is even paler than Green Depression glass. Very happy.

Getting ready to make beads

Getting ready to make beads with these old preserving jars. I will try a mix of shapes and see how they turn out when I open the kiln tomorrow.

Pretty in Pink

Working on some new necklaces to enter in the Murray Bridge Show. This is the first of 3 entries I am making. Featuring a mix of pink beads I have…

Fowlers Jars

Some very old Fowlers Jars sparkling in the spring sunshine! Some of these jars date back to around 100 years ago. They were given to me by someone who wanted…

Thank you SALA Festival

And just like that! SALA is over for another year. The cabinet is empty and all of the orders have been posted. The remaining work is now available at T’Arts…