recycled glass bead and pearl earrings

Bombay Sapphire Gin and Pearl Earrings

Day 52. Recycled glass beads made from a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle, with beautiful pearls and gold earring hooks.

beaded bracelet

Beaded Bracelet

Day 51. Over halfway and I only just got something made today! I used some more of the beaded beads to make a little bracelet. It’s such a soft bracelet…

beaded beads

Beaded beads

Day 50. Halfway through this daily creative challenge to help me make it through winter and I found myself digging through some old beads again. These long beads are actually…

Yellow and grey bead earrings

Yellow and Grey Earrings

Day 49. To match yesterday’s yellow and grey bracelet.

yellow grey bead bracelet

Pantone Colours of the Year 2021

Day 48. Inspired by the Pantone 2021 colours of the year! A mix of handmade glass beads and pearls. I like the way the colours are described on the Pantone…

gold recycled glass earrings

Gold Recycled Glass Earrings

Day 47. I am trying a few different beads with a few different gold earrings. Love the Hendrick’s Gin bottle beads with gold leaf.

Green Depression Glass Earrings

Green Depression Glass Earrings

Day 46. I recently had a request to make some jewellery with gold findings. I don’t often use gold, because it is expensive, but I will do it for special…

blue recycled glass bead bracelet

Blue Recycled Glass Bead Bracelet

Day 45. Today I found some more silver rings, and made a bracelet with blue recycled glass beads made from gin, wine and vodka bottles!

hendricks gin bottle bead bracelet

Hendricks Gin Bottle Bracelet

Day 44. I made this to match yesterday’s earrings. Featuring beads made from Hendrick’s Gin bottles, and silver links made by me, I really love how this one sits on…

Hendrick's Gin Bottle Earrings

Hendrick’s Gin Bottle Earrings

Day 43. A little bit of sparkle for the last day of lockdown here in South Australia! These beads were made from a Hendrick’s Gin bottle. I have recently seen…