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Colour Play

I have 5 new posts to share with you for this month’s Colour Play!

So last month was quite grey, but this month is very colourful!  I’ve made 4 new necklaces (in 2 different styles), and 9 pairs of stud earrings.

I’m going to share the first set of stud earrings first!  I’m really excited about these earrings.  I’ve been wearing a test yellow pair for a week or so now, and I love the pop of colour that it gives me!  I tend to wear a lot of black/white/grey at the moment, and the yellow contrasts this perfectly.

The stud earrings are bigger and flatter than the studs I have been making.  They are available for sale in my NEW online shop!

Next week I’ll share some of the necklaces I have made.

Stud earrings - Red

Stud earrings - Orange

Stud earrings - Yellow