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Colour Play

If you know my work from a few years ago, you might know that I have been slightly obsessed with the Kandinsky painting “Colour Study. Squares with Concentric Circles.”

For a long time I made glass beads and jewelllery inspired by that painting, not that you could always tell where the inspiration had come from!

Some of you might also know that I am studying part time at the moment!  Anyway, for my last art assignment, we had to do something inspired by colour.  I decided to be inspired by the Kandinsky painting again!  It got me thinking about glass beads, old and new, and over the next four weeks I’ll show you what I created.

Let’s start with these beads that represent the painting in glass…

Kandinsky inspired beads

Kandinsky inspired glass beads by Julie Frahm

Kandinsky inspired glass beads by Julie Frahm