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Colour Wheel Jewellery

At the moment I am slightly obsessed with the colour wheel!  I have always worked with a colour wheel in front of me when I am making beads, hoping that it will help me choose colours that work “well” together.  And now that I am making “Colour of the Month” jewellery, I have been even more obsessed.

I love how the colour wheel works.  I love how you can look at one colour on the colour wheel, and then look at the colour opposite that and see it’s complementary colour.  That idea doesn’t always work for me, and I tend to look at the colours next to that complementary colour, also known as the split-complementary colours.

I love how there are general guidelines that do seem to work when putting colours together, but then I also love how you can put unexpected colours together, and that can still work too.

To celebrate the colour wheel I have dedicated the month of July to a range of necklaces based around the colour wheel.  Today I am showing you the simplest and sweetest of the necklaces, the one that I have been wearing almost every day since I made it (the one my daughter and I are “sharing”).  The beads are strung on silk cord, and the necklace is adjustable.  I have been wearing it at it’s longest measurement, and it looks super on all of my black clothes.

If you click on any of these necklaces, it will take you to the shop where you can find out more about them.

Beautiful colour wheel necklace, on silk cord

Colour wheel necklace, on silk, etched handmade glass beads by Julie Frahm