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Dotty Necklace and Earrings #1

This month Colour Play is all about dots!

I have always loved making beads with dots, and I also love wearing clothes with dots on them, so this month I thought I would make some jewellery with dots! I created 6 different necklaces, and 6 different earrings to match with them.

This was the first necklace that I designed. I have a grey t-shirt with all sorts of coloured dots on it, and I love wearing it, so I thought….let’s try to make that in a necklace. This necklace is lots of fun, and the grey beads in between really make the dotty beads pop!

The earrings are also a lot of fun! I love the length of them, and they are really comfortable to wear.

Here is the link to my shop if you need it.