Easing restrictions

Day 184. Rules and restrictions. I have so many rules with my work, some that I have created and some that the galleries that I work with have created for me. Rules like: don’t mix Italian and recycled glass, always use sterling silver, don’t add other beads like seed beads etc. So many restrictions on my work. And it’s been interesting for me that since all of my galleries have been closed, and since we have had to go through so many personal restrictions, that I decided for SALA this year I was just going to ease my own restrictions and rules, and just make beautiful pieces of jewellery!! It’s how I started, with so much freedom (I even started using dental floss to string onto)!! And it’s what I feel like I need to do again. Make jewellery with Italian and recycled glass, explore other metals, use whatever beads I like in pieces. I am really excited about my exhibition at @stationmasters5255 🙂 These earrings feature beads from gin and tonic bottles, and Italian glass.

Gin and tonic earrings