Enamel Copper Earrings

Day 279. And now for something completely different! Let’s just say it has taken me years to get this pair of earrings made. I first started playing around with adding colour to metal about 10 years ago! That was experimenting with titanium, but the set up cost at the time was incredibly expensive so after the workshop I didn’t pursue it. A few years ago I did an enamelling workshop at the Jam Factory, and realised that this could be how I got colour into metal, and I have been experimenting with copper tubes for a while now. But yesterday I finally set up a little section of my garage with an enamelling area, and I made some pretty horrible pieces! Today, after a bit more research….this is what I made. Copper disks with enamel, along with my handmade glass beads. Lots of colour!! And lots of fun.

enamel copper earrings