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Farewell 2014

I’ve been trying to work out if 2014 has been a good year or a not-so-good year, and I think it has actually been a bit of both.

Some really good things have happened:

  • Some of my recycled glass jewellery was exhibited in Kirra Galleries “Flame On” exhibition
  • I had jewellery selected as finalists in MAGE Contemporary Glass Jewellery Award (both pieces sold)
  • Featured in The Advertiser “Four of the Best” section twice
  • Feature article in Creative Beading Magazine
  • 2nd Prize in South East Art Society “Remembrance” exhibition (necklace sold)
  • Flinders Street Market in Adelaide – first market in Adelaide for 2 years

And some not-so-good things too.  But these things are all related to my own expectations!  Now that I think about them, they are not so terrible, it’s just that they fell way below what I had hoped for!  I did 2 SALA exhibitions, and neither of them sold very well.  But the upside was that I had lots of jewellery made for the rest of the year.  I generally try to see the positive in a negative situation, but at the time, these exhibitions left me reeling!  Now, a few months later, I can see so many lessons learned, and I am grateful for the experience, even if it didn’t feel so good at the time.  Soon, I’ll start planning my 2015 SALA exhibition!

I’m looking forward to 2015.  Here are some of the things I am already looking forward to:

  • Moving to Murray Bridge.  We have loved our time in Mount Gambier, but I am looking forward to being closer to Adelaide again (without being too close).
  • I will be Artist of the Month at Murray Bridge Regional Art Gallery during January and February
  • I will be having an exhibition with 3 other glass artists at Gallery M in February (more details on that next year)
  • I will be sharing some glass bead and jewellery related projects on the blog.    This will start in February.

Thank you for all the support you have given me this year.  Whether it be just a comment on a social media thing, or that you bought a piece of my work, it all means a lot to me, and I’m so thankful that I get to do all of this.

See you next year!