Getting ready for my SALA exhibition

Day 198. Last year my SALA exhibition featured jewellery made only from recycled glass bottles that were blue. This limitation/restriction helped me to be creative in different ways – different shaped beads, different additions like enamelled copper and blue rubber tube. This year I am lifting all restrictions on my work! It makes it both easier and harder to be creative! Easier, because I can do whatever I like. Harder, because it still needs to be a cohesive exhibition and sometimes too much freedom can make it tricky to start things! I have the opportunity to tell three different stories in this exhibition and I have worked out two of them. With two weeks to go I am wondering what the third story will be? I am trusting that I will work it out soon. Anyway, these earrings are from my ocean inspired story, and I have used some copper tubes leftover from last years exhibition, and added some new enamels to make them even more layered in colours.

Ocean inspired earrings