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Getting Ready for “The Rules for Colour are Black and White”

LadyBeadsPrepHave you ever put together an exhibition before?

It’s a LOT of work!  I have been planning this exhibition for a few months now.  Thinking about the big picture, designing the various elements, thinking about what types of beads and jewellery I would like to make.  Trying new things, learning new things.  It’s actually been pretty full on!

And now, it’s one week until the opening and it’s crunch time!  It’s getting down to the wire, and I think I have made all of the beads that I need, but I won’t really be sure until I finish making all of the jewellery!  I’ve made lists of the jewellery that I need to make, I’ve crossed some things off already because it just won’t work!  And I’ve also started ticking things off the list, and that feels really good.

It’s exciting and nerve-wracking.  It makes me feel a little bit sick really.  Have I made enough?  Is it going to be good enough?  Are people going to enjoy what I’ve put together?

Deep breath.