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Happy New Year

Julie Frahm glass jewellery

Farewell 2021! Looking back on the Top 9 photos of the year I feel very proud of my small creative business. Some of the highlights included: putting together an exhibition with @tangerinemeg at @tartscollective, making recycled glass jewellery from all sorts of glass objects, trying new things creatively, selling online and lovely feedback from customers. So, 2022….where to now? I have been thinking about this a lot recently. Aspects of my life have changed over the last few years, and I am slowly changing what I am doing too. I am still going to be making glass beads and jewellery, but it might look a bit different this year. I need to get the balance between production and creativity back, so I am removing my work from all of the galleries that sell my work, apart from T’Arts! I will also be selling online. I hope this frees me up to be even more creative this year. Happy new year to you! I hope it’s an awesome year