Keep on making

Day 80. In times like this, when things are changing every day, and we have no idea of how much more change or for how long these changes will be in place…it can be easy to think “why bother?” I spent some time thinking about that today as I sat down to make my daily earring challenge. Why am I bothering? And for me, it was actually easy to know why. It’s because it’s actually more difficult for me to think about my life where I am not making something every day. It’s not like breathing, or eating, but it has become a really important part of what I do every day, and to stop doing that…well, THAT makes no sense to me. I have been feeling the pressure and the anxiety of our world, and I have been challenged by it, and will continue to be challenged by the daily updates, but I will keep making, because that’s what makes the most sense to me at the moment. Hope you are all navigating things as best you can. Find your own happiness every day, make every day count! Oh, and it was super cool to see this article published in Embellish Magazine about my artistic endeavours too.