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New recycled glass jewellery

I have been working with a shop in Melbourne, creating a new range of work using recycled glass, and I have to say I have been thrilled with the results.  I have modified some of my current work slightly, and now I can’t wait to make more pieces.

Each set contains a leather wraparound necklace, a simple bracelet, a pair of long earrings, and a pair of studs.  The beads are etched and shiny, making a really interesting selection of beads.

So far I have used Coopers Sparkling Ale, Peroni Beer and Coopers Clear Beer.  I definitely think there will be more to come!

New range of jewellery made from a Coopers Sparkling Ale bottle, handmade glass beads by Julie Frahm

New range of Peroni Beer Bottle jewellery, handmade glass beads by Julie Frahm

A Coopers Clear beer bottle was used to make the beads for this range of recycled glass bead jewellery