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PayPal Here Device


I have done markets for many, many years now.  For a long time markets were definitely a “cash-only” affair.  It was probably at a time when people actually had cash in their wallets too.  These days, more and more people are paying for everything with a card.  Times have changed.  Market stall holders have had to change to cope with that.  Well, you either change, or you lose out on sales.

I used to do a weekly market, so I signed up with a bank to use their wi-fi Eftpos terminal.  It worked well, but as I slowed down with the amount of markets I did, the investment was just not worth it.  I went back to being “cash-only” for a while.

Then I heard about the PayPal here device, and I thought it sounded like an excellent option.  The PayPal Here device is awesome, and works really well. I am certain it meant the difference between getting a sale at the market last weekend, and having the customer walk away.  Yes, there was an ATM across the road that customers could have used, but I know myself that sometimes that walking time can also mean that I talk myself out of buying something.

It’s very safe and very secure, and I can use it 24 hours a day if needed.