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Recycled/Upcycled glass

A lot of people who know me, know that I love making beads from old sources of glass.  I’ve used beer bottles, wine bottles, green depression glass, windows, and all sorts of other pretty coloured glass.

I am quite limited with what I can do with this glass, as there are issues when mixing it with other glass (it breaks)!  So, I can do things like add foil, wire, frit, enamel, mica powder and some other interesting things.  And I can also shape the beads, and add texture with the glass.

I’m getting ready to submit some work to Kirra Galleries in Melbourne for their annual Flame On exhibition, so I’ve been playing around with different finishes.

This particular necklace was made from a  Banrock Station wine bottle, and the beads have been embellished with a sparkly mica powder.  I love how they turned out!