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Reflecting on negative feedback…

I think it would be safe for you to assume that I don’t take negative feedback very well!

It’s tricky running a small business by yourself.  I know my husband is here, if I ever need to run things past him, but essentially all of the decisions about my business are my own.  Sometimes I get it right.  Sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I know when I’ve got things wrong, and sometimes it comes as a bit of a shock. So, the email about “discounting” my work really surprised me.  I wasn’t expecting it.  I thought I had come up with some fun ideas (some discounts, some freebies) for the silly season.  Someone questioned my integrity.  That hurt.

On reflection, I think that person was partly right, but I think I was also partly right too.  And I still want to enjoy my favourite month of the year!

Here’s how the rest of December will work in my Etsy shop:

  • anyone can get 20% discount in my shop, plus free shipping, using the coupon code THANKS at the checkout (this will still be available in 2015 too).
  • anyone placing orders in December will also receive a FREE gift with purchase!  It will be a surprise.  I hope you like it!

Happy December!