SALA 2020

Day 214. It’s funny, but 11 years ago I had a SALA exhibition at Lustre Galleries. The title was “Anti-Depression Glass” and it was a response to the global financial crisis of 2009. I used all sorts of recycled glass in that exhibition and I was very strict about how I used it too…no mixing glass colours! This year my SALA exhibition is a response to the 2020 global health pandemic, and I have very much eased many of the restrictions I would usually put in place with my jewellery. I have mixed recycled and Italian glass beads in the same necklace! I have even added pearls and copper enamel tubes. It has been a wonderful exhibition to put together and I am so proud of the work I have made. I wonder what 2031 will bring?! I hope you find some time to soak up all of the wonderful art that is on offer in this years @salafestival

Green Depression Glass Earrings