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The Colour Brown – with a splash of Red

This is part of a series of posts about colour.  This month I am focusing on the colour brown.

Brown and Red look so great together, it’s because if you had to mix brown as a paint colour, you would have some red in there to start making it.  Brown, when you put it with red, is really harmonious.

I have made an assortment of beads for the following necklaces, all with brown and red patterns, and I have to say if I wasn’t a red/black/white girl, I might have changed my mind after this week and become a red/brown girl!

Both of these necklaces were available for sale in my shop, however the long version of this necklace has already sold.  Click on each photo to take you to the listing in the shop.

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Beautiful long brown and red necklace, handmade glass beads by Julie Frahm

Brown and Red Long Necklace, worn doubled overBrown and Red Short necklace with handmade glass beads by Julie Frahm