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Thank you!

Display of jewellery made from recycled Banrock Station wine bottles!

Tomorrow I pack up my jewellery from the Resonate exhibition that was held at Gallery M.  I’d just like to take a moment to say some thank you’s:

  • Steven Skillitzi for thinking about the glass artists at T’Arts when he pitched his exhibition to Gallery M.  Thanks Steven and congratulations to you on your amazing exhibition!
  • Sheryl Glassmith, Cindy Durant and Ivana DiStasio for being part of this exhibition.  I thought our work looked pretty amazing together.  Thank you for being such lovely people to work with.
  • Gallery M for displaying our work so beautifully.  One of the best galleries in Adelaide in terms of light/design, it’s always a pleasure to have my work on display there.  Thanks for taking the time to display my work to such great effect.
  • Everyone who went to the opening, and who visited while the exhibition was on.  We all hope you enjoyed the work, that it made you think a little bit, made you happy or even made you wonder!  Art comes in all shapes and sizes, and that was very true of our exhibitions.
  • To everyone who bought a piece of work from the exhibition, especially to those who bought my work, but also on behalf of the other artists.  We thank you very much.  Without you, we don’t get to do this!
  • To my family for supporting me when things got particularly crazy getting ready for the exhibition.  Our move to Murray Bridge, while awesome, happened at a tricky time, and I wasn’t sure if I would even get this work finished.  I’m glad you helped me by giving me the time to work.

I will bring the remaining jewellery to A Boutique Design Life Market on March 15 for those who might have missed out on seeing it in person.