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Thank You Gifts

It’s nearly the end of the financial year here in Australia.  It’s also nearly the end of the 50% off selected items in my Etsy shop sale.

And, it’s also nearly a big milestone for me on Etsy….100 sales.

I thought I would celebrate this “nearly” milestone with a thank you gift for the next 10 sales in my Etsy shop (no minimum order required this time).  I will add a pair of earrings to your order.  The earrings will have a retail price of $45!

They might look like this:
.  or even this.  

It will be a surprise!

Thanks to everyone who has left feedback in my Etsy shop and on my Facebook page.  It really does help.

If you are interested in grabbing a bargain, you can still find the remaining sale listings here, and you can buy them until June 29: