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Why I love making custom orders

I was asked to make a black and white version of this necklace:

The request was for it to be on black leather, however I didn’t have any black leather to work with, so I suggested we try it on the light brown leather.  I made 2 different versions of the necklace.

The customer lives in another city, so the only way to show her my work was by photographing it.  When she saw what I had made she knew that she wanted it on black leather!

Now, some people might be disappointed with that, but I was really thrilled.

First, it means I have tried doing something new (yay, new jewellery).  It hasn’t quite worked out, but it has pushed me into getting some new materials to work with (black leather).  I have 2 necklaces ready to go to a shop now.  And I have a happy customer.  It was a great experience.