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Coopers Ale Cufflinks

I have been getting lots of lovely feedback about the cufflinks that I have made. It seems that men are really pleased to see their favourite beer, Coopers Ale, used as the glass! I have made them with Coopers Ale, Peroni Beer, Kronenbourg Beer and Banrock Station Wine (and I’m happy to take custom orders before Christmas too)!

Available in an etched or shiny finish. Find them in my Etsy shop!

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Handmade glass beads

Handmade glass beads

Remember this post about all of my handmade glass beads?

Well, it has been kind of annoying me that I have so many leftover beads and I never seem to do anything with them. Yes, they come in handy sometimes when things go a bit pear-shaped in the kiln, but mostly they are just left sitting in their plastic bags.

I was thinking about how I could use them, and I thought that the FIRST thing that I needed to do was to take them out of their plastic bags, and put them into plastic containers so that I could actually see them all.

The next step will be to actually make something with all of these beads, so stay tuned. I can feel some new ideas taking shape, but it might be a little bit longer before I get them out into the world.

Handmade glass beads

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Dotty Necklace and Earrings #1

This month Colour Play is all about dots!

I have always loved making beads with dots, and I also love wearing clothes with dots on them, so this month I thought I would make some jewellery with dots! I created 6 different necklaces, and 6 different earrings to match with them.

This was the first necklace that I designed. I have a grey t-shirt with all sorts of coloured dots on it, and I love wearing it, so I thought….let’s try to make that in a necklace. This necklace is lots of fun, and the grey beads in between really make the dotty beads pop!

The earrings are also a lot of fun! I love the length of them, and they are really comfortable to wear.

Here is the link to my shop if you need it.

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So many beads…

I took my beads to the market on Sunday, and even I was a little bit shocked with how many I had accumulated! Whenever I have an order, I always make extra beads because sometimes things can go wrong! Most of the extra beads that I make can be used, usually nothing goes wrong, but sometimes it takes beads of epic proportions before I think about doing anything with them!  Time to make some things….

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Recycled glass cufflinks

I’m pleased to finally be able to offer recycled glass cufflinks for those people who have asked me to make them! I know they’ll make a really special gift for anyone who wears cufflinks.

I have made the cufflinks from:

  • Banrock Station Wine bottle
  • Coopers Ale Beer bottle
  • Peroni Beer bottle
  • Kronenbourg Beer bottle.

You can choose from either an acid-etched/matt finish, or leave them shiny like the bottles.

You can find them for sale in my Etsy shop.