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A year of recycled glass jewellery

Recycled glass necklace

Hello, and welcome to my blog for 2018! I’m a big fan of New Years. I also love new months, new weeks, and new days! ¬†This year I have decided to challenge myself a little bit. I’m going to share a photograph of recycled glass jewellery every day. I love making beads from recycled glass, and I love that people resonate with it so much.

To kick the year off I have made a necklace from some of the recycled glass beads that I made from a Coopers Ale bottle. I love the sparkly gold and silver beads in between.

To be honest, I really love that a product destined for a bin can be transformed into a beautiful, wearable piece of art!  Thanks for joining me on this journey for 2018.

Recycled glass necklace