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Colour of the Month – Black and White

Black glass can be very interesting.  That is because it is actually very, very dark purple.  So, when I mix the black and the white, sometimes I get a really dark purple colour happening too.

I really like how these beads feel when you are wearing them.  They’ve been etched, so they have a very silky finish.  The necklace and bracelet will actually work with all sorts of clothes too, as you’ll see below!

Black and white is just a great combination, no matter what the season, and no matter what you are wearing.

Beautiful black and white etched glass bead bracelet to match the necklace

Love this black and white necklace by Julie Frahm

Beautiful etched glass black and white necklace by Julie FrahmBlack and White etched glass necklace by Julie Frahm, looks great on RED!