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Mansfield Art Glass Exhibition – Finalist

Today I received some exciting news in my inbox…the 2 pieces that I submitted for the Mansfield Art Glass Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition were accepted as finalists!

Here is a little bit about each of the pieces that I created, and some images:

1. Artist Statement – Harlequin Flowers

I found a set of Harlequin glasses at an op shop, they were edged with gold, and were really pretty. When I put the glass in the flame, strange things happened. Some of the colour burnt out completely, while some turned a spectacular pink. Absolutely not what I was hoping to happen, yet the surprise of it was worth it.

Harlequin Glass Flower Necklace, handmade recycled glass beads from a set of Harlequin Glasses

Harlequin Glass Flower necklace - detailed shot


2. Artist Statement – Gold Beer

I specialise in creating beads from recycled glass. I think it’s important to at least think about our environment and recycling, so I love to make beads and jewellery that do make people stop and think. This necklace was made from a Coopers Sparkling Ale bottle. I have embellished some of the beads with 14K Gold Leaf.

Handmade recycled glass beads, made from a Coopers Ale bottle, and decorated with 14K gold leaf

Handmade Recycled glass bead necklace, beads made from a Coopers Ale bottle, and decorated with 14K gold leaf