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Colour of the Month – Black and White

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ll know that I love black and white!  In fact, most of my clothes are black and/or white, and most of my accessories are RED.  So, when I saw that this summer was shaping up to be quite neutral, I was quite pleased!  I decided to make a range of jewellery to complement the season.

This week, I am sharing the necklaces that I made on leather.  The first necklaces features small white beads on black leather, and it is actually my favourite of the entire collection (and the one I thought I would like the least when I was planning the work)!  It is a versatile necklace that works with pretty much everything that I wear.

The second necklace features black and white beads on red leather.  Super funky, I also really liked this necklace, as it has all of my favourite colours!

The pictures below will take you to my online shop, where you can also see more of the jewellery that I have made.

White bead necklace on black leather, handmade glass beads by Julie Frahm

Black and white bead necklace on red leather, handmade glass beads by Julie Frahm